Laid Back Camp (TV) Will Be Returning For It’s Second Season

Afro's Manga Series inspired "Laid Back Camp" Anime Will Be Returning in January Of 2021 For It's Second Season.

On Tuesday, the Official Website for the 2nd Season of the Anime Series, Laid Back Camp, teased a video for its second season. Titled as “Laid-Back Camp Δ” is an anime series adapted from the manga series by Afro, which is set to premiere in January of 2021.

The Anime Adaptation of the first season of Laid Back Camp, which aired from January-March 2018, was handled by Studio C-Station and was Directed by Yoshiaki Kyougoku. Jin Tanaka wrote the Script for the anime, and the Character Designs were taken care of by Mutsumi Sasaki. The first season consisted of 12 episodes, and most likely, the second season will also be containing 12 episodes.

The Cast For The Anime Series Include:

Yumiri Hanamori (Known for voicing the role of Asahi Kōbe from Happy Sugar Life), who voiced the character of Kagamihara Nadeshiko.

Nao Touyama (Known for voicing the role of Kanon Nakagawa from The World God Only Knows) who voiced the character of Shima Rin.

Tomoyo Kurosawa (Known for voicing the role of Itsuki Inubozaki from Yuki Yuna Is a Hero) will be voicing the character of Ayano Toki.*

Newly Added Cast Member*

12 episodes long Spin-off Anime Series titled “Room Camp” was released back in January of 2020 and completed airing in March of 2020. The anime series “Room Camp” was handled by Studio C-Station while it was Directed by Masato Jinbo and the Script was written by Mutsumi Ito.

Laid Back Camp Season 2
Spin-off Anime Series Heya Camp’s Visual.

The Manga Series, Laid Back Camp, by Afro also inspired a TV Drama Series that was 12 episodes long and ran from January to March of 2020 as well. Over the course of 12 episodes, Takashi Ninomiya, Mamoru Yoshino and Kyōhei Tamazawa, these three had Directed a certain number of episodes each. The Script for the TV Drama was written by Ayako Kitagawa and the Drama is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Videos.

About the Manga | Laid Back Camp

Written and illustrated by Afro, Laid Back Camp, is a Japanese Seinen Manga Series that was serialized in Houbunsha’sManga Time Kirara Forward back in July of 2015. The manga later on in 2019 was shifted to the manga publisher website and app called Comic Fuz. With a total of 10 volumes released for the Manga, it’s currently ongoing.

The Story is about Shima Rin who in her free time likes to camp at the base of Mount Fuji and just relax as she takes in the scenery surrounding the Mountain. Kagamihara Nadeshiko loves going on biking trips around the Mount Fuji area as well in her free time, one fateful day these two girls come across each other and begin spending time together and going on camping trips together.


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