Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Announced: All You Need To Know

Laid Back Camp S2

For all the fans out there, it’s the 2021 winter anime season! Many of our favorite shows are returning to the screens. Let’s see some good examples: Dr. Stone’s second season promises loads of action with the Star Wars arc. Initial details of My Hero Academia’s Season 5 is also out. But I am waiting for varied adventures in the great outdoors, all in anime style. And I am waiting for Laid-Back Camp Season 2. Aren’t you waiting for the S2 renewal as well?

This camping series is set in the lap of Mother Nature. There are many things for Nature lovers to learn from this anime. The charming series is renewed for a brand new Season 2 for sure, but we can’t say anything about its future series. Many things can be said about the nature of the show. The anime is gentle, sweet, easygoing, yet short to impress the viewers and critics alike. Its first outing was indeed praiseworthy. That’s the reason why we are discussing it’s the second season updates.

The show gives a feeling of a mountaineering adventure. We predict that the charm of the series will only increase in Season 2. Let’s dive into Season 2 details here:

What are the characters involved in Laid-Back Camp Season 2?

Laid-Back Camp Season 2 release date
Season 2 Anime Characters

This sweet nature-based anime fits perfectly into the “cute girls doing cute things” genre. Obviously, it’s not the only anime of its kind. But it’s certainly the most unique of its genre.

The anime showcases a handful of students at Motosu High School. They are outdoor enthusiasts and are always eager to find their place outside the four walls. However, these High School students hardly have a sleeping bag or tent to their name.

Once, an easygoing transfer student Nadeshiko Kagamihara join the outdoor club. This new joining prompts the three girls to get ready to explore the vast outdoor and get some fresh air. 

Among the members of the outdoor club, Vadeshiko stands out. Her can-do attitude and bright pink hair help her stand out from the rest. However, she, too, needs a little help to set up the tent or use the camp stove correctly. Aren’t you getting the camp feeling already?

More Characters of Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Revealed

Laid-Back Camp Anime Season 2
Laid-Back Camp Anime

Next comes Nadeshiko. She struggles to manage chores on her own but doesn’t lag when it outdoor enthusiasm. She, too, just can’t wait for the next adventure. Her classmates help her. Together, the trio can nearly figure out anything.

We have more members in this outdoor’s club. Chiaki Ogaki matches Nadeshiko in her energy. She has dark hair and is infused with the spirit of adventure. And remember, Chiaki is no ordinary character. She is the founding member of the outdoor’s club and deserves the respect she gets. Aoi Inuyama is her best friend. She shares the camp and hiking love along with Chiaki and Nadeshiko.

More friends are waiting in the corner. Rin Shima is one such acquaintance in the wilds. She has more camping skills than the three girls put together. For Rin, camping is a day-to-day affair. It has been years since Rin has been camping alone. Rin finds camping relaxing and almost meditative. Camping is the path to venture into the unknown where Rin treads for hours. At night, sleeping under the stars is simply refreshing.

Recently, Rin has become an unofficial mentor for the outdoor club. She knows the ins and outs of camping and has helped Nadeshiko’s group avoid disaster in the wilds.

Rin regularly texts Evan, her good friend, about their latest accomplishments and adventures as a dedicated camper. The fun and excitement of the great outdoors can become more beautiful when the sounds and sights of nature are shared among your best friends. In the end, what more means camping other than coming together for good.

What is Laid-Back Camp Season 2 Theme?

Laid-Back Camp Anime S2 Theme
Laid-Back Camp Anime Theme

Overall, Laid-Back is a visually gorgeous and relaxing series. It comprises some of the most charming protagonists you will ever find in an anime.

The main theme of the show is Camping. Going to camp needs some preparation, but it can be highly rewarding as well. Don’t miss any action from Laid-Back Camp Season 2!

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