Will Smith And Kevin Hart To Star In The Remake Of A 1987 John Hughes Film.

Kevin Hart and Will Smith

Remakes and Sequels are the new trends at BoxOffice. From The Karate Kid to Friday Night, almost every movie is getting anew version. Currently, news has surfaced that the John Hughes movie, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, is being renovated for a remake. Moreover, another piece of news claims, that actor Will Smith and Kevin Hart will be playing the major leads in the upcoming movie. Kevin Hart and Will Smith are already known for their liveliness and comedy-roles, especially Hart. So, the audience can expect a lot from this upcoming film.

The original movie was a masterpiece from the 1980s. Planes, Trains, and Automobile was a comedy/road trip movie filled with hilarious scenes delivering unlimited laughter to the fans. Steve Martin and John Candy played the leads in the original. The duo embarked on a journey together to reach their loved ones for Thanksgiving. However, a series of events and hurdles came across their path creating the comedic effect.

For now, it is not confirmed about what role will be assigned to whom, but, we have still got some updates. So, let’s go ahead and know more about the film:

Cast And Crew Of The Film

We are already aware of the lead roles, which will be played by Will Smith and Kevin Hart. However, we are still not introduced to the complete cast of the remake.

Moreover, besides, playing the leads, the duo will also co-produce the film under Smith’s Westbrook Studios and Hart’s Heartbeat Productions. The script is being written by Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s talented writer Ayesha Carr. This will mark Carr’s feature film debut.

Unfortunately, there is no update on who will be directing the movie. However, we do know that the movie is in production at Paramount. Paramount is owned by GameSpot parent company ViacomCBS.

Other Updates Regarding The New Movie 

Although no word is out yet, we can still see Smith in the role of Neal Page, considering teh fact that he can easily play the agitated characters. And, for Del, no one can be better than Kevin Hart. Hart’s buzzing personality and his comedic timing and ability to play talkative make him a perfect match for teh role of Del.

Kevin Hart And Will Smith

Besides, Smith and Hart have never shared any moment onscreen. This will be the first time Hart and Smith will star alongside in a project.

The movie is still in its infancy stage, so, updates like release date are still a mystery. But, we will make sure to deliver you the news as soon as it is out. So, keep reading!