Keanu Reeves Drops Details On The On-Going Filming Of ‘Matrix 4’ – Read Here!

Matrix 4 cover

Just when we thought ‘The Matrix’ trilogy is done with entertaining us with three amazing parts, Matrix 4 happened.  Matrix 4 is kind of a movie we never thought we will witness. But, here we are, all excited to see Neo, Trinity, and the other characters on the big screen again. However, it will be a little different from the trilogy and is already in productions. It will star Keanu Reeves and is being directed by Lana Wachowski. The movie will be a sequel to the trilogy and it indeed looks like it. The movie is in production even after such bizarre conditions around the world.

Still from Matrix 4

Recently, the lead actor of the film, Reeves opened about the movie and shared some updates with the fans. So, let’s go ahead and get to know more about Matrix 4 :

Reeves Update On The Ongoing Production

The filming of the movie began in San Fransisco and was ready to be headed to Germany. But, unfortunately, the virus started spreading a high pace around the world.  Soon the production was shut down. However, it has now resumed according to sources.

Matrix 4 Filming

Recently, Keanu Reeves spoke with Variety and gave an update on the filming of the movie. He said that he is in Berlin and everything is going surprisingly well. He said that the production is working thoroughly and jointly with the local government and industries and the Babelsberg, [Germany] studios. Furthermore, he told Variety that the protocols are in place and effective. He said that he grateful for feeling normal while filming the movie. He said, that they have been there for three weeks, and fortunately, everyone’s OK.

In the end, he said, “The writers [David Mitchell and Aleksandar Hemon] and the director [Lana Wachowski] have come up with a beautiful, beautiful story. It’s really thrilling to be making a Matrix movie”.

After his little interview, we believe the fans are more excited for Matrix 4.

Matrix 4’s Release Date

Now that we have been informed about the smooth on-going filming, we expect the film to premiere without any additional delays. It was planned for a 2021 release. However, due to the pandemic, the release was pushed back to April 2022. But, now, the filmmaking seems normal and is apparently running at the same speed that it would have been in the virus-free world. So, the fans can feel relaxed now, and till then keep reading for more updates.