Jesy Nelson Addresses Fans With A Sweet Message After Leaving “Little Mix”

Jesy Nelson
Jesy Nelson quits Little Mix (2020)

Jesy Nelson of Little Mix has left the group, and it is still hard to digest the news. However, considering why Nelson did that, we definitely respect her decision. The 29-year-old singer decided a couple of days ago and finally got a reaction from her fans (Mixers). After receiving the love and respect she deserves, Nelson took social media to share a sweet message.

Jesy Nelson left Little Mix
Jesy Nelson

It is nothing new for a member to leave the group. Although it hurts on a personal level, and the fear of disappointing the fans is always present; Some decisions are made for personal growth. This was proved as many stars came in support of Nelson’s decision.

Celebrities like Frankie bridge, Liam Payne, and Olly Alexander also praised the vocalist on the social media platform. Payne, who was previously a member of Boyband One Direction, is now a solo artist. Artists like Zayn (One Direction)have also previously made hard decisions to quit their successful and world-famous bands. But fame is not everything. And it is proved again.

Jesy Nelson finally spoke after her big announcement, and all she feels is happy and positive.

Jesy Nelson’s Sweet Thanks To The Fans

Four days after announcing that she is quitting the group, Nelson opened about how she is feeling. The singer recently posted a beautiful message on Instagram.

In the post, she revealed how overwhelmed she is with all the love and support she has been receiving. She also feels grateful for the “support” her fans are providing her. Nelson also wrote that she wants to say “Thank you so much” to everyone who is with her.

She said that some of the fans’ messages are making her emotional, And she appreciates it so much. She finished her sentence by telling how much she loves her fans.

On Monday, the singer announced that she would be leaving the group after being a part of it for nine years. Her statement startled many, both fans and celebs. Her IG post now has over 2 million likes.

Reason Behind Quitting

Of course, there is a significant reason why Nelson decided to leave the group after nine years. Her post mentioned how it has been challenging for her to live up to everyone’s expectations. She also mentioned that there is a constant pressure of being in a girl group, which is now meddling with her mental health.

Nelson also wrote, “Recently, being in the band has taken a toll on my mental health.”

She continued and wrote that there always is a time when we have to resume taking care of ourselves. Nelson said that it’s time for her to make herself happy; Instead of what she has been doing for some years.

 Little Mix Band
Little Mix

Other band members Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, and Perrie Edwards, also supported their fellow mates. But, they did show how saddened they are after Jesy’s sudden announcement.

‘Little Mix’ is a British Girl Group formed in 2011. They came into existence after the eight series of the X-Factor. Comprising of four members (Well now 3), Little Mix produced many albums and songs, creating a huge fandom.

Even though the fans are sad, they understand the situation, and we hope to see Jesy working on new projects in the future.

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