Japan’s Wowow Becomes The First Theatrical Buyer Of Science Fiction “Songbird”


Japanese TV Broadcasting company, Wowow launched its theatrical distribution chain nine months ago. And now it has made its first acquisition. Wowow has acquired all the rights for the upcoming pandemic thriller, Songbird. The movie stars KJ Apa, Bradley Whitford, Peter Stormare, Alexandra Daddario, and Paul Walter Hauser. Also, Demi Moore, Sofia Carson, and Craig Robinson star in the movie. The upcoming film shows the future world, where another pandemic has hit the Earth.


Kayo Washio, Head of Wowow’s (LA), made a deal with Endeavor Content, which is responsible for International sales. This deal marks the second major deal closed by Wowow since its commencement. Earlier, Wowow announced that it had landed the Michael Mann series – Tokyo Vice, which they will co-produce with Endeavor and HBO.

Kayo Washio also revealed his reason behind getting the rights for the movie.

Washio’s Thoughts On Songbird

After closing the deal, Washio made sure to reveal the reason why he chose Songbird. He said that it is a relatable love story with a distinct hint of Michael Bay in it. Washio said that Songbird is wholly unique in terms of a story, and this can drive the audience to theatres in Japan.

The movie is based on pandemic and how it affects people. Washio also pointed out the fact and said that people would easily relate to it. He said that most people feel the same fear, isolation while also thinking about lives and their importance.

Washio said that it’s very difficult to find something so relatable on such a deep level. And experience it with everyone on Earth. “Wowow is excited to introduce this movie as our debut feature title as it is repetitive of the quality of content our subscribers are accustomed to.” Said Washio in the end.

Songbird: Release Date And Plot

Sadly, there is no specific date at the moment for the theatrical release in Japan. However, it will hit theatres in 2021 in Japan. STXfilms is releasing the film in North America and the UK.

Former Paramount Pictures president Adam Goodman is producing the film with Michael Bay, Macei A. Brown, Jason Clark, Jeanette Volturno, Andrew Sugerman, and Eben Davidson. However, Michael Kase is executively producing the film.


Adam Mason and Simon Boyes are serving as the screenwriters. According to sources, the duo finished the scripts during the lockdown.

The Michael Bay dystopian film is set in 2024, where people are infected with a new virus. The people in the US are now taken away from their homes and forced to live in quarantine homes, called “Q-zone.” In between, two lovers, Nico (KJ Apa) and Sara (Sofia Carson), get trapped and are not allowed to see each other due to the virus.

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The situation worsens when Sara is believed to be infected and Nico races across Los Angeles streets to save her.

You can check out the trailer down below: