iOS 14.0.1 Updates And Bug Fixes – New Patch Update from Apple

IOS 14
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Apple has recently launched its new version of the operating system with bug fixes. The last version of the operating system that’s launched for the iPhones received many feedbacks from the users due to the bugs through their portal. Apple has released iOS 14.0.1 exclusively for its users. Users can enjoy this update when it reaches your gadgets. This update is said to hold many advanced features and fixes which address the Wi-Fi connectivity and home screen widgets.

This is the first update that comes for the iOS 14. It’s reported that the operating system was facing many bugs while operating Safari browser and other internet related bugs which was repeatedly reported by their users. The first phase of the OS update is expected to get rolling out for the specific devices, whereas the other devices might get this update later this year. Much big company will roll out their update in an orderly manner making sure that it reaches every individual through the on-the-air update.

The company has claimed that its new update will be made available for the iPhones and iPad. One of the major changes that many users reported is that the update has provided the accessibility to change their default browser from Safari. It also said that the default setting that’s spotted by the users changes very often whenever the device gets rebooted.

iOS 14.0.1

Weblink that’s stored in the default browser gets reloaded again once the device gets turned on. Earlier to this, there were many reports which claimed that Google is in talks with Apple to make Chrome as their default browser. Even though there is not any official further information about the talks which happened between these two giants in the technological industry.

Apple might be rethinking to add Chrome as their default browser. In the last update. the company has provided space for the users’ option to choose their own default browser which will be set while trying to open a link or accessing the internet. The earlier update never had this option for the users to select their preferred browser.

Most of the Apple users will be using the Safari browser as a default option. Apple has claimed that the users don’t need to select the default web browser very often. Users can enjoy their preferred browser by choosing one. This is one of the major bugs that’s fixed in this update. Along with this, the company has fixed many other bugs that were present in Wi-Fi connectivity and email sending.

Apple is a giant in the industry has been updating its software products at a regular interval of time. Their innovation in the hardware industry has created many user-friendly gadgets that are loved by millions around the globe. The company has become the first global company to reach the market cap of 2 trillion, even under the severe economic crisis.

The company claims that they have fixed many bugs that were present in the Apple News widget. Earlier, this application was facing a few errors which stopped the images to get appeared on the display screen. Its expected more such update will be reaching the users in the upcoming days.