Intel Announces 11th Generation Processor

Intel 11th Gen
Intel 11th Gen Still

Intel being a successful company in producing processors has announced its 11th generation mobile processors which looks quite compact and powerful. This project was worked under the codename Tiger Lake, recently the company has made an official announcement that they are finally completed the early stage of working in designing the processor. As predicted earlier the processor is built based on a 10nm process, its claimed to deliver much high performance than the 10th generation processor. Intel claims that they have created “the best processor for thin and light laptops.”. On considering the performance, we could able to find many improvements when compared with the previous generation processors.

Demand for Artificial Intelligence has triggered the processor manufacturing companies to invest and create chips that could fetch expected results. It’s important to note down different processing tasks while developing the processor. The different tasks that are dependant on the processor during the runtime. These processors are responsible for allocating memory size based on the weightage of the tasks that are carried out. In a recent blog post, Intel has said that the 11th generation chip will be up to 20% faster for tasks that involved office productivity, two times faster for exclusive for gaming purposes, which basically consumes a large portion of the processor. 2.7x faster in the phase on content creation.

We need to wait for some time to make analyse things how well they work in real-time. It’s expected that there might be slight changes in the working environment when the processor gets loaded with the high-end tasks. However, there won’t be heavy friction in the claimed result. The speed of the processor is expected to be 4.8 GHz, which is a considerable rise when compared with the 10th generation processor. It’s said that the overall power consumption of the processor remains the same When compared with the previous processor that is embedded with the chipset. AMD, which is one of the processor manufacturing company, has also been coming up with many features that works together in making the processor quick and powerful. These two companies are seen as rivals, which continuously pushes each other in delivering quality hardware.

Intel 11th Gen Image
Intel 11th Gen Image

The processor is enabled with the 10nm transistor size, which gets updated with the much lesser space. This improvement in the physical size of the processor gives options to develop laptops with minimal size and shape. This processor is designed with the help of SuperFin technology. Xe-LP architecture, which is used in the processor, gets 50 percent efficient in execution units. These specifications make the Intel to claim that  90 percent of discrete graphics coming under the thin-and-light category. The chipset comes with the Thunderbolt 4 connectivity along with PCIe Gen4 support. These features help the processor to produce expected performance. There are many features that Intel has claimed that their new generation processor will support. Some of the features that are highlighted are noise suppression supported by Artificial Intelligence, Focusing on the image by background blur, and many improvements in video decoding.

Wireless connectivity with other devices has been improved using WIFI 6 support. Earlier to this, there were few bugs which aroused while connecting through other system-based applications. The processor comes with a highly responsive screen when the battery is getting charged. The time which took for the system to wake from the sleep has been drastically reduced to 1 second. Battery life has been increased up to 9+ hours that supports the FHD display screen.