I’m Standing On A 100 Lives – Episode 3 Review and Episode 2 Recap

I'm Standing On A 100 Lives

I’m Standing On A 100 Lives Episode 3: “Help Me” was released on the 16th Of October 2020. The Anime is being Streamed on Crunchyroll for those of you who want to check it out. In the whole craze for the Isekai genre of Anime containing overpowered main characters somewhere, the essence of Shōnen disappeared. The Isekai Anime “I’m Standing On A 100 Lives”, well, in all honesty, was like a gust of fresh air. With the Main Character starting out a farmer compared to his teammates, who became Mage and Swordsman.

Over the course of the last two episodes, the world in which the anime is set in was explained, and also certain parts of each character’s past was shown. Yūsuke Yotsuya was transported into another world where he, along with his companions Iu Shindo and Kusue Hakozaki, had to finish assigned tasks given by the GameMaster. According to the GameMaster, there are supposed to be 10 members in total, who together will be taking part in the final battle.

Episode 2 Recap | I’m Standing On A 100 Lives

Episode 2 covers a lot more about Yūsuke Yotsuya, showing him as a more self-centered person who uses basic logic and the usefulness of people to determine if they are worth keeping around. Since Kusue isn’t able to use her sword and Iu basically being eaten and unable to revive, he decides to leave Kusue in the village and go rank up.

With him being busy with fighting goblins in the forest, the Troll attacks the village where Kusue is left alone. After Kusue is also eaten by the Troll, Yotsuya tries to run away from it but with no luck and hence decides to fight it. However, at this point, he is still a framer, and thus he doesn’t have any strong weapon to stab the Troll.

I'm Standing On A 100 Lives

While on the run, he comes across a goblin who he kills, enabling him to reach Rank 10 just as the Troll was about to get him and time stops, and the GameMaster spins the wheel to change his occupation. This turns out to be Chef, and this time he has the ability to use knives and cuts through the stomach of the Troll allowing his teammates to be able to revive themselves. Together with his teammates and his newly acquired Chef ability, they were somehow able to take down the troll.

Episode 3: “Help Me” Overview | I’m Standing On A 100 Lives

Episode 3 introduced a new character into the mix, and it was another girl. Yotsuya, while on one of his night jogs, is contacted by the GameMaster, who tells him that his success in hitting on a certain girl will determine the success of the next quest. He is told to go to a specific high school and save the girl with glasses, and once Yotsuya arrives at the mentioned spot, it turns out to be a bullying scenario.

He breaks the phones of the girls taking the pictures and scares them away. Thinking he has impressed the girl and was looking cool, Yotsuya helps her get home safely, but in reality, the girl was absolutely terrified by him and thought of him as a perverted stalker.

I'm Standing On A 100 Lives

The Girl, Yuka Tokitate, is later on teleported into the parallel world along with the others and becomes a Fire Mage. After being explained the general rules of the world, Yotsuya and the rest decide to earn and complete some part of the quest. While resting, they are attacked by a Scorpion-like monster that emerged out of a giant wasp. This Scorpion was extremely powerful, taking out three members in one go, but Yotsuya using his newly acquired Chef abilities and his quick thinking, was able to single-handedly take down the monster.

We are then shown a little bit about Iu’s past and as to why she strives to be absolutely perfect in every sense of the word through a dream. Her desire stems from a traumatic experience of how her beloved friend, who died in an accident, was mocked for being perfect except for her looks. After awakening from it, she begins asking Yotsuya for help, and that’s where the episode comes to an end.

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