Hyakunichikan!! – Manga Review, Synopsis, Discussion

Hyakunichikan!! welcome to a heartwarming story of an high schooler learning to take care of a child.

Hyakunichikan!! or 100 Days!!
Hyakunichikan!! or 100 Days!! Manga

Hyakunichikan!! or 100 Days!!, is a Japanese manga series that was both written and illustrated by Nata Kokone. Hyakunichikan!! began it’s serialization in Shueisha’s Tonari No Young Jump, in October of 2015 and ran for a good 2 years before coming to a very emotional and beautiful ending in October of 2017. The Manga series has a total of 4 volumes and over 50 chapters, making it a good and lengthy read.

Hyakunichikan!! follows the life of a very introverted high schooler, Sakaguchi Shuuto, who not only has trouble talking to people but even understanding subtle gestures which make it harder to fit into friend groups. His ability to handle everything alone stems from his parents working overseas and him being alone often. This all changes when he discovers a little girl at his house, upon looking into the issue a little bit he finds out that the little girl is the daughter of his parent’s colleague. It was decided that he had to take care of the little girl, Norita Chiho, for three months. Chiho, although shy at first is a very outgoing and energetic little girl, almost immediately starts getting along with Shuuto but on the other hand, Shuuto is overwhelmed by the responsibilities that come with looking after a child. 

Norita Chiho (left) and Sakaguchi Shuuto (right)
Norita Chiho (left) and Sakaguchi Shuuto (right)

This is a story that focuses on the growth of 2 children, both trying to understand each other and forming a bond. As the story goes on and the bond between the two becomes stronger, it becomes more and more difficult for Shuuto to face the fact that this only a three-month responsibility and one day has to end. All the while, Chiho is waiting for the return of her mother while being oblivious of the fact that Shuuto and her have to part ways eventually.

Hyakunichikan!! is a slice of life manga with a lot of comedy embedded in it and is definitely a manga that I would recommend. It has a very bittersweet ending that some might even consider a tear-jerker but is definitely a fitting end to the story. 

Hyakunichikan!! Anime Update

Hyakunichikan!! doesn’t have an Anime adaptation and neither is it listed to have one anytime soon but it would be an amazing thing if it did get an anime adaptation because of the way the story is put together, there is no doubt in my mind that it would turn out to be a successful anime.