Huawei MateStation B515 – Huawei’s new venture to set in action

MateStation B515 Specification and Features
MateStation B515 Still

Chinses electronic hardware manufacturing company Huawei has announced its upcoming MateStation B515. This company from China has been experimenting with various advanced electronic inventions. It has a long stream of business models, from manufacturing higher-end smartphone devices to developing software applications for their hardware devices. It looks like the company is actively involved in enhancing their business model to compete with the current generation players and also with a motive to increase their revenue. Its clear that the company is spending a decent amount of money on research and development. This company has a strong distribution network in many countries through its optimized logistics.

The manufacturing company claims that this new model compact device from Huawei will feature with AMD Ryzen 5 4600G as its internal processor. Previous versions of its hardware devices come with Intel processors. Since AMD has been developing hardware processors for a long time, they have improved the processor using advanced logic, making it more stable for computational processors. It looks like this desktop CPU will be coming with the two variant internal processors where another variant of the processor will be coming up with Ryzen 7 4700G APUs. These two processors have been performing much better in recent times, which has pushed the manufacturing company to embed these processors in their new devices.

MateStation B515 Specification

It’s claimed that this model desktop computer will draw 300 watts; it’s clear that this device provides a decent performance through its less weight architecture pattern. The desktop devices’ processor is coupled with the internal storage components making it much better for computational operations. The processor of the device is built so that it can compute within a few seconds in a fraction of a second. The basic model of the desktop comes with the Vega graphics capabilities, which are built to provide a minimal user-experience. The high-end variant of the desktop comes with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 GPU graphic card.

Huawei Specification and Features
Huawei Still

MateStation B515 Features

Graphical option plays an important role in determining the reach and success of the desktops. Huawei claims that the base variant of the desktop comes with 8GB of RAM, mainly used to carry minimal operations. Even though the current generation prefers using laptops over desktops, desktop devices’ demand remains the same, mainly due to their quality and long-term usage. Its also noted that this device provides space for the users in customizing the chances to improve its performance. The high-end version of the desktop comes with 16GB of RAM. This RAM configuration is designed to support high bandwidth computational operations. Most of the desktop manufacturing companies has improved its internal specification to compete with the other market players.

This desktop model is manufactured to provide space for the customer to choose between the different variants. The manufacturing company has built this model using the 1TB hard disk space. This internal storage of the device comes with the conventional hard drive as the default option where users can prefer to use HDD and SSD. Sufficient connectivity options have been included with the device for transferring information with the other devices. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 communication are the primary wireless medium which allows the device to communicate over the wireless medium.