HP ENVY Laptop 15 Specifications And Features

HP Envy
HP Envy Still

HP ENVY Laptop 15 ep0123tx is developed to create competition against Apple MacBook Pro 16 and the new Dell XPS 15. It’s quite a long time since these companies are frequently enhancing their product along with the enhancements to provide a healthy competition at the same time. HP being a world-renowned brand, has been releasing laptops at affordable prices with high-quality specifications. It’s important that many companies have understood the customers’ mindset that they will never settle done for the less quality irrespective of the product. A recent study conducted by the top university reveals that every buyer is expecting their product to perform in the long run without any damage to service, even though the product comes with the warranty and guaranty claims. The laptop is a product which has an everyday use like surfing the internet, watching movies, sharing images, and a lot. For these features, the laptop should have a decent specification and unmatchable quality.

Based on the first look at the device, it looks like it’s clear that HP has come up with another useful laptop product. HP has undergone research and development to fight against its competitors’ products. Like any other laptop which has a 14-inch screen size has been ruled out, and the HP Envy comes with the 15.6-inch screen size. There’s no doubt that this product will be tough competition for Apple MacBook and Dell XPS. Many companies have adapted for work from home culture after the lockdown; it is important to have a problem-free laptop so that there won’t be any blocks while working. Most of the higher-end laptops developed for the gaming purpose have a 10th generation processor, whereas HP ENVY is a midrange laptop that comes with Intel Core i7-10750H processor paired with 16GB RAM.

HP Envy Image
HP Envy Image

As far as memory space is concerned, nowadays, even a smartphone comes with the 256 GB memory, so it has become a default that every laptop has a 1 TB memory space. SSD makes it stand out of the competition. SSD is abbreviated as a Solid-State device that is built for fast processing. Most of the laptops hold part of the memory dedicated to SSD (256 SSD). HP has made its top higher-end model by providing the entire memory as SSD. As leaked earlier, it’s evident that laptops have a huge display of 15.6 inch which comes with the bezel around the corner. Higher-end laptops have an inbuilt graphic card that comes with the motherboard. It comes with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Ti (6GB) graphics. This breaks the boundaries while choosing games or the video to watch. Comparing Dell XPS with HP Envy, Dell has an Intel i7 processor similar to Envy, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, whereas Envy has entire 1 TB for SSD and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Ti (4GB) graphics which is quite less when compared.

HP has made this product with less price when compared with other laptops which similar specifications. It’s important for every product company to manage the cost of the product, which plays a vital role in the global market. In recent days there was a great demand for laptops due to the unavailability of stocks caused due to the halting production process and discrepancy in transportation. Sources reveal that this condition will prevail until the end of this year, and there will be a U shaped recovery, and there won’t be a V-shaped fast recovery process.