HP AIO 24 And Pavilion 27 Features And Specifications

HP Pavilion 27
HP Pavilion 27 Still

HP has introduced two of its new models in the All-in-one PC version. Prior to this, the company has also introduced many new laptop models this year. Even though many higher-end laptops are designed for hardcore purposes All-in-one PC stands out of the crowd when it comes to heavy computing.   HP AIO 24 and Pavilion 27 are the two new All-in-one PC versions launched by HP. The company claimed that this PC comes with the inbuilt Amazon Alexa.

This feature is something that we mostly found on the smartphone. Including this feature in PC has improved the internal connection to another extent. These voice assistance will help the users in organizing their everyday tasks. The device also has an HD pop-up webcam which is used to record/ capture the image. Prior versions of this PC needs to have an external webcam for capturing images and recording videos. 10th-generation Intel Core i5 processor is included in the  HP AIO 24. This processor is the higher-order processor that’s currently available in the market.

HP AIO 24 Features

10th-generation Intel Core i7 processor is included in the Pavilion 27. This processor is an advanced processor when compared to the previous processor that included in the  HP AIO 24. HP claims that both these models will have dual microphones along with inbuilt speakers. These speakers that are included with the device have the ability to provide a good audio experience. Mostly these range of PC’s is similar to the plug and play option, where users don’t need to care about installing the third-party applications for every hardware.

Dedicated graphics cards are provided along with this PC which supports high graphical content. Mostly every PC has this feature to have default graphic option embedded in their chipset. To improve the productivity of the users these laptops have a touch screen option where the user can provide input directly through the screen.

HP Pavilion 27
HP Pavilion 27 image

HP Pavilion 27 specifications

HP Pavilion 27  has a micro-edge display on three sides whereas the bottom of the display has a broad bezel which makes the design look durable and resist high stress and prevent the screen from getting damaged. This PC delivers 86.2 percent of the screen-to-body ratio. The chipset of these PC has both Nvidia GeForce MX and Nvidia GeForce GTX graphics.

TUV Rheinland technology which assures to have a user-friendly experience. AIO version of this PC has an SSD2 primary drive which enables faster data access from the internal storage and improves the performance by booting the system much faster. HP has announced that these models will have an optional HDD for secondary storage. The sale of these devices is started both in the online eCommerce platforms and local retail stores.

HP Pavilion 27 is costlier than the HP AIO 24  mainly due to the high range specifications that come along with the device. Though the hardware components look similar between these two devices, it varies in the processor that’s coming along with the device. Both these variant introduced by HP comes with the  IPS display which is an advanced version of the LCD display. HP Pavilion 27 has a B&O speaker that gets wrapped with the acoustic fabric for its protection from the external stress. Based on the latest articles, its clear that Hp will be introducing many such All-in-one PC in their upcoming days.