Horimiya Chapter 122 Review – A Flashback To Twenty Years Ago

Horimiya Chapter 122

With the main story of Horimiya pretty much concluded, we have been receiving a lot more side stories with each new chapter. Horimiya chapter 122 consisted of a flashback to how Hori’s parents had met, which in usual Hero-sensei style, was very entertaining and romantic. Although the manga is pretty much done, Horimiya fans have yet another thing to look forward to this year. The anime adaptation for the series was confirmed and judging from the trailer and visuals, it’s definitely going to be a good anime adaptation. The anime will be debuting on the 9th of January 2021, so mark your calendar for one of the best rom-com series there is.

Horimiya Chapter 122 Recap

As the latest chapter’s title suggests, we will be going twenty years back into the past. Long before Hori or Miyamura were born, and we witness how Hori’s parents met, which by the way, was quite enjoyable regardless of some cliched aspects. The chapter is from the perspective of Hori Kiyosuke, Hori’s father, who came to highschool on his motorcycle and was pretty much-breaking school rules. Everything about him screams a Yankee character, from his blonde hair down to his dressing style, but an upperclassman had seen him parking his bike at a hidden spot and told him to park it somewhere else. That was the first time Hori Kiyosuke and Koyanagi Yuriko had talked to each other.

Over the next few pages, we see that Kiyosuke is somewhat of a cocky person who is popular with girls while Yuriko is a part of the Student Council. They seemed to have become quite familiar with each other despite not knowing each other’s names. One day, while a girl was slapping Kiyosuke for something he had done, Yuriko pops up and asks him to help her carry some boxes. Despite Kyousuke’s looks, he’s quite a gentleman, as we see in the next few pages.

Horimiya Chapter 122
The Manga Series Has Been Confirmed For An Anime Adaptation.

Upon delivering the boxes, Yuriko was being chewed out by the Student Council President, and we see Kiyosuke getting mad at it and even directly confronting him about it. An encounter which ends with the President thanking Yuriko for delivering the boxes and telling Kiyosuke to wear his uniform properly. After this incident, the two start getting more and closer, and it reaches a point where Kiyosuke almost confesses to her before she graduates.

Near the end of the chapter, Yuriko is confronted by a girl who seems to have a thing for Kyousuke. After a little dialogue, this girl starts getting a little too aggressive, which leads to Kiyosuke jumping in and telling her to stop. He almost slaps her in anger but is stopped by Yuriko, who tells him a man should never hit a woman, then proceeds to slap the girl herself, saying that she can though as she’s a girl. Kyousuke, at that point, realizes despite her nice appearance, Yuriko too has her thorns. We are then shown Miyamura and Kiyosuke sitting and talking about it. Miyamura has a band-aid on his face as Hori slapped him for talking to some girl.

Where Can You Read Horimiya Manga?

There are two versions of the series, HERO draws one, and the other is a redrawn version by Daisuke. The first one ended back in 2011 and is a webcomic, but it doesn’t have quite the nice art as we are accustomed to, while the second version is still ongoing but isn’t fully complete. You can read all the Horimiya you want on Bookwalker by purchasing the volumes that you want to read.

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