Horimiya Chapter 120 to Feature Easter Eggs, and New Characters

Horimiya Chapter 120

Horimiya Chapter 120 has been announced to release soon. The manga hasn’t released a new chapter for over a month. The latest chapter is expected to be a side story based on the Raw Chapter readers and webcomic readers. The Main Story of Horimiya has pretty much ended, and hence many fans were worried if the manga has ended. Horimiya has been one of the better written and popular RomCom manga, it would be kind of saddening to watch it come to an end, but like all good things, this will end soon.

Horimiya Chapter 119 | Recap

In the latest chapter, Hori finds an old pair of heels that her mother had gotten for her, and she decides to try them on. Since Miyamura is a mere 3-4 cm taller than Hori, while wearing the heels, Hori becomes taller than Miyamura, making him feel insecure about his own height. Although he admits she looks very pretty, he still doesn’t like admitting it, and while they were still in the middle of the conversation, Hori puts the shoes on Miyamura without him realizing. She then begins to joke about it and starts taking pictures of him.

Horimiya Chapter 119
The Lastest Chapter Provides More Information About The Upcoming Anime Adaptation.

The next day Miyamura wakes up to find Hori casually folding clothes in his living room; surprised by this, he asks why she’s here. Hori responds by saying they had discussed meeting up, and Miyamura exclaims that they were supposed to meet up in the afternoon, but it’s only 11 am. Hori, while acting silly, says that she might have left the house early because she wanted to try the heels she had shown him yesterday, and hence maybe that’s why she’s here early. Miyamura’s mom says that Hori is absolutely lovely and that she offered to help around the house while waiting for him to wake up.

Similarly, when Miyamura goes to pick up Hori from her house on a later day, we get a glimpse of how similar Miyamura is to Hori. Miyamura is heavily relied upon by her girlfriend’s family, and upon seeing this, Hori’s mother says she wants to adopt Miyamura because he helps so much around the house. Miyamura replies by saying that he wants to be traded for Hori in a joking manner.

Horimiya Chapter 120 | Release Date

Horimiya Chapter 120 was released on the 31st of October 2020 and was supposed to contain a side story. Stay tuned for the lovely side stories that perfectly complement the main story and give a somewhat refreshing feel to the manga.

Horimiya Chapter 120 | Predictions And Spoilers

According to the Raw Chapter readers, Horimiya Chapter 120 will contain a 10-year time skip and feature two new characters who will develop a romantic relationship. The story will build off the Horimiya storyline and will even have easter eggs with some of the past members making a short appearance in the latest chapter. We get to see our beloved characters in their ten year time skip adult versions, and if that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is. For those of you who like the Horimiya couple better, relax; the main story will continue from Chapter 121.