Honor GS Pro – New Smart Watch

Honor Magic Watch 2
Honor Magic Watch 2 Still

Today we’ll be talking about upcoming Honor GS Pro. Smartwatches are the upgraded version of modern-day smartphones that are capable of handling most of the tasks. Along with enhancing smartphones with innovative hardware features, there are many companies that have shown interest in developing wearable smartwatches. Its been almost five years since that first smartwatch was made available in the international market. After the lunch of the first smartwatch, it gained attention from millions of people who love to use electronic gadgets in their day to day life. These device doesn’t need any space in your pocket neither needs to have a silicon body to protect, it is an easy to go device which holds your hand and alerts you when you receive a call/ notification. It also has many advanced sensors for tracking your daily activities.

Honor is one of the renowned names in the electronic gadget industry that has produced may smartphones. Honor operated under the leadership of Huawei, which is one of the leading Chinese smartphone manufacturing companies. Today the company has officially announced that there are currently working on developing a new smartwatch that will be released soon within this year. The company has announced using the teaser image, and the remaining details of the upcoming smartwatch are kept under dark. This announcement has was shared mostly in the popular social media platforms to make the general public know about the Honor product. Recently Samsung has released through the third version of the smartwatch with enhanced features from their previous smartwatch.

Honor Watch GS Pro
Honor Watch GS Pro Image

The manufacturer has leaked the information about its smartwatch through a microblogging website based on China, Weibo. Without much information about the product, it was announced with the image which has information about the product design along with the name of the product. On analyzing the internet sources, its clear that the product is still in the last stage of quality check and will soon begin its production, making it available to the users. Other than these companies, there are few other companies working on developing stable smartwatches that suit the audience’s taste at the same time it holds advanced features. In two years, we can see many smartwatch manufacturers lining up the market with the products.

In the developer, perspective, the smartwatch needs less energy than producing the smartphone. Even though the smartwatch gets used as a device that gets connected with the smartphone, it has more features that the smartphone does. Honor has been one of the early company which has kickstarted their smartwatch development to gain most of the shares in the industry. Honor along with the posted image it has captioned that “Honor Watch GS Pro will be released soon, from the city to the outdoors, accompanying you to explore the 10,000 possibilities in life!”. Even if the company denied certain information, we could able to find that the smartwatch has the model number  KAN-B19 as the device recently certified for the design pattern and approval from the Economic Commission for Europe.

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Honor already has previous experience in developing smartwatches. It has already launched Honor Magic Watch 2 in the market which has the ability to process the information through their own Kirin A1 chipset, along with that it has a 1.39-inch AMOLED display; Tracking is the main feature in the smartwatches that automatically senses the movement through hand actions. Previous model smartwatches have the ability to track 15 different sport modes.  The device has a decent considerable battery back basically needed for the small display unit. It has a 455mAh battery, which can withstand up to 2 weeks. We can expect that the upcoming smartwatch will get upgrades in both hardware and software, which will be revealed in the upcoming days.