Hideo Yamamoto’s Manga “Homunculus” To Receive A Live Action Film

The Supense Thriller Manga Series To Be Adapted In A Cinematic Form Set To Premiere In 2021.

Homunculus Live Action Film

On the 10th of September 2020, it was announced that Hideo Yamamoto’s Manga Series, Homunculus, will be receiving a Live-Action Film Adaptation. The movie is set to release in Japanese Theaters in 2021 according to multiple reports from different sources and reporters. Not much is known about the Live-Action Film other than when it is projected to hit the theaters.

The response towards this announcement about the Homunculus Live-Action Film has been a mixed one due to the fact that regardless of how good the manga series is, it is definitely one of the more out there kind of manga.

Homunculus Live Action Film

With its source material having certain disturbing details and images that are difficult to reproduce in a cinematic form. However, the fans are definitely excited to see what kind of movie this live action turns out to be.

About The Manga | Homunculu

Written and illustrated by Hideo Yamamoto, Homunculus, is a Japanese Manga Series that belongs to the thriller and psychological genre. The manga was serialized in Shogakukan’s seinen Manga Magazine Big Comics Spirits back in July of 2003.

The Manga has had a solid run for 8 good years before coming to an end in April of 2011, with a total of 15 volumes containing 42 chapters in all that has been released. The story follows the life of a homeless 34-year-old man, Susumu Nakoshi, who lives in his car. One day he is approached by a man named Manabu Itoh who provides him with a flyer requesting for him to be a test subject for him.

Itoh is obsessed with ESP and supernatural powers of the sort and believes humans can achieve such a state by going through a medical procedure called Trepanation. Trepanation is a medical procedure that involves drilling a hole in the skull in order to improve blood circulation and pressure inside the skull.

Homunculus Live Action Film
Susume Nakoshi Going Through The Trepanation.

Susumu isn’t at all interested in getting a hole put inside his skull so he declines almost immediately and asks Itoh to leave. His take completely changes when his car is getting towed and he is in need of money desperately in order to prevent his only place to sleep from being taken away.

He agrees to go through the procedure in exchange for 70,000 Yen, and Itoh performs the operation at his father’s lab facility. Little did Susume know that his life will be taking a drastic change as he begins seeing distorted humans when using only his left side of his body.