Haikyu!! To The Top Part 2 Release Date – Anime To Air In October

Part 2 Of The 4th Season Of The Popular Volleyball Anime "Haikyu!!" Is Set To Air With The Fall Anime Lineup Of 2020

Haikyuu Saeson 4 Part 2

The Official Twitter Account of Haikyuu Anime announced that the second half of “Haikyu!! To The Top”, which is the 4th season of the anime, will be aired in Japan starting from 2nd October effectively. The first half of the 4th season of the anime was aired back in January of 2020 and aired 13 episodes so far.

“Haikyu!! To The Top” aired from January to April of 2020, and released 13 episodes in total. However, the 4th season’s second half was supposed to be aired in July but due to the COVID-19 Outbreak, the second half of the anime was postponed all the way to October. The remaining episodes from 14-25 will be aired from October 2nd onwards in Japan and most likely will simultaneously be aired on Crunchyroll.

The Twitter account of the anime not only announced the continuation of ” Haikyu!! To The Top” but also linked to two videos. These videos were teasers to the new ending and opening song for part 2 of “Haikyu!! To The Top”, which by the way are absolutely awesome!!.

The Opening theme song will be “Toppakō” (Breach) performed by SUPER BEAVER and the Ending Theme Song will be “One Day” performed by SPYAIR.

Haikyuu – The Source Manga

Written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate, Haikyuu, is a volleyball themed sports manga. This Japanese Manga Series was serialized back in 2011 in the Weekly Shonen JUMP and came to a conclusion in 2020. With over 400 chapters, collected in 43 volumes, this shonen manga captured the hearts of many sports fans and even otherwise.

The Story follows the life of Hinata Shoyo, who despite being short, wants to play and dominate in volleyball. Although he works really hard at it, it’s very difficult to be successful in a sport that heavily favors taller players but to Hinata, that’s of little to no concern because he can jump really high.

Hinata wants to become like his idol and motivation “The Little Giant” who used to dominate in volleyball despite being short. Once Hinata had witnessed what “The Little Giant ” could do there was no going back for him either but the path to becoming the best is a long and difficult journey alone because at the end of the day Volleyball is a team sport.

Haikyu!! To The Top
Hinata Shoyo (Centre), Kageyama Tobio (Right Of Hinata) Along With The Whole Karasuno Team.

In his first and last middle school tournament, his last-second assembled team was completely demolished by Kageyama Tobio and his team. Kageyama is referred to as the King of The Court and to Hinata defeating Kageyama and stripping him of his title as king also drove him to work harder. But as fate has it, in high school both of them end up playing on the same team.

Watch as how these two along with their teammates and seniors learn how to play together and improve with only one goal in mind, and that is to reach the nationals and dominate. The Anime Adaptation of Haruichi Furudate was done by Production I.G with the first season airing in 2014 consisting of 25 episodes and since then the anime adaptation has received four more sequels. The first 60 episodes were Directed by Susumu Mitsunaka and since the 61st episode onwards the directing role was handled by Masako Satō, The Scriptwriting is done by Taku Kishimoto and Toshimitsu Takeuchi.