Gossip Girl Reboot: All The New Gossip On The Cast and Characters

Gossip Girl Reboot
Gossip Girl Reboot reveals its new charcaters.

Ever since the news of Gossip Girl Reboot has surfaced online, people are nothing but excited. The CW’s original Gossip Girl ran from 2007 to 2012 for five seasons. Undoubtedly, it was and still is one of the most glamourous and scandalous shows among teens. Moreover, now after almost eight years of its conclusion, a reboot is on the way. Gossip Girl reboot is introducing a new cast and storyline. Honestly, we can not wait anymore.

Gossip Girl Reboot
Gossip Girl (20017-2012)

Thankfully, the Gossip Girl team has revealed the cast of the upcoming reboot. Moreover, recently, the characters and their roles are announced as well. Gossip Girl’s official IG page posted pictures of new cast members with a brief description of their roles.

Where the new members are making their debut on Instagram, the older ones did not have the privilege. Instagram was launched in 201o, and by then, three whole seasons of GG were already out. However, that does not mean Queen B and “it” girl Serena was not everywhere winning hearts. Moreover, they had Gossip Girl to capture and reveal all the Upper East Side’s details and its residents.

Nevertheless, coming back to the revival, let’s go ahead and check out the profiles of the new students of Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl Reboot: Cast And Characters

Let’s start with the influencer. First on our list is Julien Calloway. “Influence. Julien Calloway will be played by Jordan Alexander. Apparently, people with the last name “Callaoway” turns out to be amazing influencers.

Next is Monet De Haan. “Power.”  Savannah Lee Smith will be playing the role of Haan. Supposedly, Haan is the original Queen Bee of the school. But, we assume that she is dethroned by someone else in the first episode. Haan’s is only credited with Episode 1, according to IMDB.

Then we have “Style.” Luna La is played by Zion Moreno. Considering that she has the title of “Style,” we believe she will be the next Blair. Moreover, we hope she brings back the iconic headbands.

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Gossip Girl Reboot
Gossip Girl

It’s time for the boys. The first one is Max Wolfie. “Freedom.” Thomas Doherty will be playing the role of the Wolfie. No doubt, Wolfie radiates Chuck Bass vibes. The way he looks and the proper suits give tells us that he will be the next Bass.

Otto “Obie” Bergmann IV, “Privilege.” is next in the line. Obie will be played by Eli Brown. Surely, we cannot ignore the fact that he looks exactly like Dan Humphry. But we also can’t ignore that he gives off Nate Archibald vibes. With an IV attached to his name and “Privilege.” He is someone with old money, just like Nate.

Next is, Akeno “Aki” Menzies. “Innocence.” Evan Mock will be playing the role of Aki. And by innocence, we can expect him to follow in Dan’s footsteps. However, it can be dangerous as well. After all, he was the mastermind and essence of the whole show, Gossip Girl. Aki looks like he is the new entry in the school.

Other Characters

Emily Alyn Lind is playing Audrey Hope. “Grace” on the reboot. She looks decent but also evil. So, maybe she does ballet and owns a horse. We never know.

Tavi Gevinson will be playing Kate Keller. “Ambition.” We look forward to seeing what Keller has in the box for us. We hope to find out soon. Also, we want Hollywood to offer her roles other than of Teenagers.

Whitney Peak is playing Zoya Lott. “Perspective.” Lott looks interesting as she seems different than the entire clique. Lott might be the outsider who is unaffected by the popular group and is looking to create a name for herself.

Gossip Girl Reboot
A still from Gossip Girl Reboot.

We are looking forward to seeing all the characters come together and create a beautiful plot; A plot filled with scandals, relationships, fights, and friendships. And fashion, I mean, we do expect the reboot will follow GG’s legacy and introduce us to the trendiest fashion.

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