Google’s Beta Version Android 11 Features And Updates

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Google has launched an android 11 beta version for its flagship smartphones, Pixel. The users who are willing to download the beta version of the operating system can download from the mobile settings. Other than Google pixel there are few other smartphone brands has come forward in proving software update for their customers. Earlier, Oppo has announced that their flagship smartphone Find X2 Pro will have to receive its software update. Xiaomi has always shown some active interest in providing regular software updates has announced that Mi 10 5G will receive an Android 11 update.

Google Has announced that the stable version of the Android 11 will be released soon, but there is changes that for those who are opted to use the beta version of the operating system will receive the update earlier than others. Beta version of the software will hold major features whereas the company has to follow the standard and protocols while launching the new operating system to the mobile phones. Andriod 11 Beta version of the Pixel looks and feels different when compared with the Mi 10 5G, which runs on the MIUI based on Android where Pixel runs on the pure android.

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After analyzing the user’s response and customer feedback, developers have added additional features in android 11 that the previous version. The main features of android 11 are notification floating icons for messaging apps, revamped power menu, redesigned notification shade, scheduled dark mode. Users can experience UI changes and security features. Security is one of the important aspects that software developers are focusing on to eradicate the threats that causing data loos in the digital industry. Xiaomi is working MIUI 12 which is also currently in the beta phase. We can expect that MIUI 12 will be released along with the android 11. During the initial phase of the launch similar to the other manufacturing companies, Xiaomi will launch the software to its flagship mobiles.

Android 11 – Which Devices Will Have It?

Redmi K20 series will receive the first set of MIUI 12 updates following that Mi 10 flagship will receive the update. On August,6,2020 Google launched the third beta of Android 11. From that third release, it’s clear that the stable version of the mobile operating system will be released during the September month. Native screen recording is a new feature that comes with the mobile coming with the Andriod 11. Xiaomi was the first company to launch this feature in its MIUI update. Currently Android pretty much confirms that this feature will be made available for the users with this year without any delays. Many other android applications are developed by third-party developers.

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Muting notifications during video feature something which restricts notification from popping up while enjoying your quality time watching the videos. This feature is introduced to provide comfort for the users while enjoying their entertainment. Increase touch sensitivity is made as an option in the setting. Even though this is a hardware feature, the software has been enhanced to analyze the audience’s response over the screen. The previous version of the android doesn’t hold any history details where the Android 11 DP1 leaked at a Notification History option and DP2 basically confirmed it.

Exposure Notification API is a feature that two giants in the technology have spent time together in creating. This allows official health organizations and other NGO’to to make contact tracing applications to help causes the spread of COVID-19. Other than these leaked features it’s expected that there will be many other new features that will be released in the Android 11 update.