Google Services Gets Disrupted Globally

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Some of the Google services, which are mostly used by almost every individual in their day to day life, was experiencing several issues for a few hours. Google has made the official announcement that its services are restored, and users won’t face similar issues in the future.  The company has provided numerous services for various purposes, especially after the global lockdown, many organizations have advised employees to attend the meeting through Google Meet, which is one of the video calling applications. The main issue that most of the users faced is that uploading documents and other files have been failing for more than a few hours. This brutally interpreted the sharing of information. This is not the first time that the digital platform is facing issues that deal with the time-lag.

Earlier, many social networking companies like Instagram, WhatsApp, and many other applications have also reported similar issues. But these issues will be quickly spread among the internet and will be fixed by the developers. Even a small mistake in the digital medium will heavily impact every individual life. Many big companies are mostly facing security threats and data loss due to the miscellaneous activities carried out by the cyber-criminal. Many countries have created a cyber department with experts in the digital security field to authenticate entries from different client points. It’s said that file uploading was failing continuously in Gmail for personal use and G Suite Gmail accounts. Other than these there were also composing the normal mail took more than once for sending to the recipients.

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Earlier Google responded to the queries raised by the users on the general issues that they are investigating on the issues. Later it was officially confirmed that they are facing several issues in their application like Gmail issues for sharing documents and files, Recording the video in their Meet applications, creating files and uploading them in Drive,  Google chat which mostly used to chat was facing issues on posting messages, Google sites were restrictions users to add to pages issues,  Keep which is generally used to store data in written form was facing few issues in maintaining the written data and there was an autosave issue, Voice mails which are generally sent across the internet was also facing few of the issues and hindrances.

Downdetector is a web application that automatically detects issues in runtime applications and alerts users about the bugs. This application was one of the first application which made announcements about the issues to the outer world. Many posts and images are shared across Twitter about the issues that every individual was facing in services.  Google being a giant in the tech industry has quickly come forward and responded to the issues and made an announcement that these issues will be fixed soon so that their users will have a hassle-free service like before. Based on the latest reports it was claimed that these issues were fixed in most of the places and will be fixed in the remaining services.

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Those who are android smartphones have more chances that they are using at least one of the Google services than the apple user who uses a different OS. Sharing information is one of the basic activities that many people do in their daily life either as a letter document or images, if these services get interpreted it becomes a big deal among the people.