Google Changes Rules Over Meet Free Version

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Internet giant Google has announced its restrictions over the free usage of its online application, Google Meet. Soon after the lockdown, this application reached more than 100 million active users per day. On seeing the potential involved in this application, the company has planned to make it a paid version by creating terms and conditions for its users. The company has provided September 30 as the deadline for its users for accessing the free version of the application.

Google spokesman during one of the recent press released has announced their they don’t have any promos and advertisements plans for bringing in the new changes by making an online meeting application. Other than Google many other leading online companies are working on developing their own applications exclusively for meeting purposes. The policy which is framed by Google allows the users to conduct a free meeting with 100 peoples joining the call. For the free account, there won’t be any access for more than 100 members.

Google has also made clear that this change will allow the users to have advanced features for G Suite. This feature is extensively used for business purposes and other interactions purposes for sharing confidential information. G Suite has more than a million active users every day which shared over a large number of peoples.

These online platforms are also allowed for  Education customers without any restrictions. For those who use Google Meet for academic purposes can enjoy meetings of up to 250 participants. In recent times many educational institutes around the globe are using online platforms for sharing documents. This increases the need for these kinds of platforms a much demand in the future. Earlier Google has initiated many support programs for rural educational purposes by providing free internet connections.

Google Meet
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Members working in an organization under a single domain can enjoy the live streams of up to 100,000 people. Apart from educational institutes, IT companies are more dependant on these online platforms for conducting meetings. The meeting which is taking place over the Google Meet can be recorded using the inbuilt record button which is placed on the screen. The recorded visual content will be automatically saved to Google Drive which can be accessed later.

The video which is recorded in the Google Meet can also be downloaded anywhere by accessing the Gmail account. Google has provided many free online applications for developing documents sharing through Gmail and other social networking mediums. Google has been working on developing new products that benefit every individual in their daily life. Google search engine is one of the most searched engines in the world.

Algorithms that runs behind these applications are capable of analyzing and providing suggestions. This helps the users in picking up their choices faster than normal processing. Many startups have invested more than millions of dollars in developing online applications for connecting users. Stable applications have gained more users during the last three months. Google already has an exclusive online application for meetings and other such purposes. It’s estimated that the users using these applications will be getting increased in the upcoming years due to the changing work culture which keeps the employees working from their home.