Google Assistant Gets New Updates, Features and Details

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Google Assitance, a device operates using Artificial Intelligence, get more update from the parent company. Google has added Google Assistant Snapshot on Android devices along with that addition, it gets Google Assistant app on iOS. Adding Google assistant application in its competitor company’s product has been a long-awaited decision that has finally taken forward. Apple already has its own personnel assistance software installed on most of their smartphone and tablets. Siri is the personnel assistance that is developed by developers in Apple, similar to what Google has today in the Andriod mobile phones. Other than these assistance products, there are other products that are available in the market. Alexa is one of the personnel assistance developed by Amazon.

Google Assistant Snapshot made its debut entry into the software update two years back. It was basically used to retrieve the personnel information like appointments that are stored in the calendar, flight times based on the bookings, making the user know about the online product delivery date and provides useful updates throughout the day. With this feature, the product has been adding some of the other features to make guide us and make us know about our day to day plans. It’s said that this feature will have birthday and holiday reminders. Based on the location of the device, it provides even more recommendations. For instance, if you enter the hotel to have dinner, this feature will deter your location and crawl across the webpages and provides you with the dishes that are currently available along with the waiting time for preparation. This feature gets data from the previous customers through feedback and suggestions and recommends you to the dish, which is mostly preferred by many.

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Google has made it easier to access Snapshot through voice commend. You don’t need to use your fingers to choose the application that you wish to use. If you save your voice message to open Snapshot, it will automatically open the android application based on the voice process. To make this feature work, you need to say “show me my day.” this completely arrests hand gestures in the mobile drive and directly jumps in and plays well with Snapshot’s glanceable design. During the initial release, this feature is made available in native English language, where it’s said that it will be rolled out for many other languages in the upcoming days. This feature is built using Machine learning, which analyzes the voice based on the history to validate the user’s voice with the help of frequency by converting into the digital format. It will start analyzing the keywords initially and starts its search operations in the search engine. It’s a record and search kind of mechanism which has more powerful algorithms for voice processing.

In one of the blog posts, Jacquelle Horton, product manager at Google, has expressed companies’ future plans in enhancing the voice assistance product. She has added that “This is just the beginning,” to the post, along with the new updates that will soon join the application. Other than developing these software-based voice assistance product, the company has also developing Google mini, which is basically a hardware device which is used to connect other devices like fans, Ac in the home. Its an IoT device that processes based on the need after analyzing the surroundings and environment. This feature is already brought in live, and every smartphone user using Google’s voice assistance can get help from this feature.