Google And Apple Plans To Expand Exposure Notification Feature

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Apple and Google have come forward in developing simplified mobile applications that alert users about the infection zone. These two companies have been working to develop applications to helps users stay from the virus. Coronavirus exposure notification system was developed primarily to help the health organizations, both government and non-governmental organizations to progress with their operations. It’s said that this application will notify the people who are entering the restricted zone without downloading any specific application. This was developed after the request from many health organizations that they don’t have any resources for creating mobile or desktop applications.

In a statement, both Apple and Google said that “We are making it easier and faster for them to use the Exposure Notifications System without the need for them to build and maintain an app,”. The companies promised to extend their support to help the authorities in figuring out the containment zone without much hassle. Exposure Notifications were introduced before a couple of months, these applications have been getting regular updates by adding new features. This application provides many additional operations without getting compromised for the core theme for what the application is basically built. These two giants in the industry have been coming up with solutions that stick top prevent the people from getting infected from the virus. World Health Organization claims that more than 25 million are infected from the virus where nearly a million people have died due to the virus.

Exposure notification
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Earlier, Google and Apple requested the health agencies to build their own application with security terms imposed by the companies so that they’ll find it easy to integrate with their applications. Things didn’t turn as planned, only a few companies could able to come up with the applications whereas few continued to work on their project. To be accurate only 20 countries launched their application worldwide for public usage. After analyzing the hardship, these two companies have planned to come up with a new system plan that changes the perspective of agencies who claimed to who no resource for developing an application. For those who are using the iPhone can turn on this application in the settings page. The company has said this feature is currently made available through their on-the-air approach.

Andriod users have to do one step further to have separate mobile applications, which will provide additional information along with the notification. Google has said that it will auto-generate an app during its next update. It’s expected that the android 10, which is expected to be rolled out for many mobiles sooner, will have this application along with their update. During the press conference that happened recently, a Google spokesman said that this approach would help them in putting an application in most of the android hardware devices that are currently active. The systematic approach created by Google and Apple provides access for the health workers to upload “configuration file,.” This file will helps the people in following the do’s and don’t.

Government health agencies are carrying out tremendous load in managing the spread of the virus by guiding the people to stay in a safe zone. In a statement to the public, the companies have said that to expand pandemic exposure notification in various regions, it necessary to develop and deploy mobile applications by guiding the health agencies to make it easier and quicker.