God Of High School Chapter 493: New Spoilers teases Exciting Twist

A big fan of anime? Come look in for more details on the latest chapter pf God Of Highschool.

God Of Highschool

The anime God of High school is about to release its 493rd chapter. The franchise will release its 493rd chapter on Wednesday, 11th December 2020, and the chapter will be available for free on 24th December 2020. Fans are waiting for the 493rd chapter for quite along. The franchise has finally decided to release the chapter by the second week of December. Fans thought the franchise, God of High School, is on a break. Recent sources confirm the chapter will release soon, hence canceling the possibility of an unplanned break. Chapter 493 will be available as per it’s weekly schedule on Webtoon Application.

In the previous chapter of God of High school, Park Mubong and Daewi had s terrible fight. Moving cut Daewi’s arm and injured his right eye. Mira interrupted the fight and ran away with injured Daewi. Then, Mira takes Daewi to a remote island. Mira donates her right eye and arm. Later the amazons found out unconscious and delirious Daewi. The Deer king attacked suddenly. The shelter village was no safer for Mira and Daewi. Mira went to the World Government but later found out that it was an enemy trap. The villagers and Mira reached an abandoned city, hungry and tired. Mira dug the ground, hoping to find water.

God Of High School Chapter 493 Details
God Of Highschool

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Mira continued her search with the hope of finding pure water. The search for pure water went on for a couple of days. Everyone was dumbstruck when pure water was found. The God of high school is a south Korean manga released as Webtoon wrote and illustrated by Yonge Park. The manga was serialized in Naver Webtoon in April 2011. The main character is Mori Jin, a 17-year-old martial artist from Seoul, South Korea. A martial art competition organized by the shady corporation invited Mori JIn.

Leaks From The Show

Mira reached World Government a couple of days before Daewi. But the Deer God reluctantly attacks the whole place, sabotaging the whole village. Many innocent citizens died. With his power, the Deer king destroys everything on the land, sparing anything underwater. Many citizens escaped successfully. Mira hid them underground, saving them from the deer king’s wrath. Mira evades the attack to save the village. After seeing the Deer God’s powers, Mira reveals that she is currently one of The Six and the Witch of the West.

After these events, Daewi reaching the world Government after a couple of days. The place was completely destroyed. Chapter 492 only raised the Hoopla by demonstrating The Dragon King is really One of the Several Demon kings of the ancient Empire. The chapter described all the mythical Yeoujius. It showcased tens and thousands of years of old dragon expertise. Mira assembles warfare salvages and rescues a lot of people in their ancestral team elder.

new chapter of God Of High School
New Chapter Of God Of Highschool

Daewi was gifted with Mira’s right-hand capabilities. Chapter 493 will concentrate mainly on Mira as she chooses her position as The Saint.

Fans who are running behind can read the previous chapters of The God of High school from the Webtoons Application. A million fan fiction has already surfaced, but the recent surfacing of facts has sabotaged all recent, unnatural speculations. The application will help to catch up and to have a better perspective of what is going on. The Webtoon application is a friendly application allowing users to access content with ease. Various other manga is also available. Chapter 493 will launch on December 11th, 2020 Friday.

The show will be in the haphazard flip of the narrative. Speculation suggests the chapter 493 will be magnificent. Stay tuned for more updates!

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