Gionee M12 Pro Specification And Features

Gionne Still

Gionee M12 Pro is making its way towards the global smartphone market. Even though the company doesn’t often come up with their mobile product, it has some strong fan base in different parts of the globe. The company is known for developing high-quality smartphones that have high-end configurations at an affordable price for mid-level users. Gionee M12 Pro has a waterdrop-style notch that gets attached along the top of the smartphone display screen. Even though many companies are working on placing the front camera, waterdrop-style remains the default for most of the smartphones.

The device gets a 3.5mm audio jack slot which brings more life to the wired audio system. Many smartphone companies are neglecting this feature to push the users towards the wireless earbuds that are available in the market which predominantly uses Bluetooth for the connectivity. Like any other rear camera that comes with the device, Gionee M12 Pro gets a quad-camera setup at the back. The design in which the camera placed looks quite different by making the flashlight at the mid-center for the four-camera setup. The first look of the device clearly gives an idea over the in-display fingerprint scanner that’s fitted in the rear phase of the mobile.  This specific feature is something that is most often finds in higher-end smartphones. Oneplus was the first-ever company in the industry to introduce such features in their mobile series.

Over time this feature got transferred to have in the power button, making it tiny and easily accessible. The chipset of the mobile gets MediaTek Helio P60 SoC processor. It was leaked that the company is planning to use an alternate processor other than Snapdragon which the company has been testing for the last couple of years. Gionee has always preferred to use a high power battery starting from its first mobile product. The company has once again made their vision clear that to provide high capacity battery. Gionee M12 Pro comes with the 4,000mAh large battery. It gets a 6GB RAM for storing temporary memory along with that it gets 128 GB memory capacity.

Gionee Still

The device has a 6.2-inch HD+ display, the screen size of the mobile looks compact for holding and using for long hours. Though the mobile comes with large inbuilt memory capacity, the user can even expend the memory of the smartphone through the external SD card. In recent times, cloud platforms are mostly used for storing personnel data so that one can access the data from some other device during an emergency.  The rear camera has a 16-megapixel main camera that’s gets attached to the macro sensor and large wide-angle sensor. These sensors are helpful in adjusting the background lighting so that image gets more focused on the specific object.

The front camera which is placed inside the waterdrop-style gets a 13-megapixel camera. This high clarity front camera is mostly used for video calls and capturing selfies. Even though the mobile gets a high powered battery it gets a weight of 160 grams. As the audio system of the device is concerned, it gets a dual stereo speaker. These speakers are capable of expressing loud music while enjoying visual content or listening to melody songs. As of now, it’s revealed that Gionee M12 Pro comes with a White and Blue color gradient that gets a glossy finish around the corner.