GFRIEND Associates Launch “Track of the Sirens” EP, “Apple” Songs Video clip

GFRIEND Members Release "Song of the Sirens" EP, "Apple" Music Video

GFRIEND is back again with a new EP, 回: Tune of the Sirens, and title observe “Apple” heralds a new era for the South Korean girl group

On July 13, the six-member act (manufactured up of associates Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, Sinb, and Umji) released the mesmerizing audio video clip for the track. Clocking in at just over 4 minutes, the online video is rife with vintage references and symbolism. Throughout a media showcase, also held on July 13, the associates verified the two the video and the track alone are motivated by the concept of temptation – and it is clear to see how. 

In a reference to the Biblical forbidden fruit with which Eve alterations the program of mankind, the video opens up with Yerin grabbing a glistening purple apple from a leafy tree and using a bite that makes her drift into a seem rest. Shortly following, we see the 6 ladies breaking out to some noteworthy choreography in a Backyard garden of Eden-esque setting as they embrace the temptations all over them, with the full video ending in a more somber, however empowered, tone. 

Not shockingly, temptation is also normally referenced amply in the track’s lyrics. “Ooh no, this sweet scent / Shiny ruby drops draw me in / Ooh no, direct me much more into temptation / Of course, your scent your coloration / Infuse me with pleasure,” the girls sing, for each YouTube’s formal lyric translations. “Infusing with colour all my gray conclusions / Absolutely nothing, no terms can quit me in this article / Past my fingers and lips streams of red nectar fall / Dizzying scent draws me in close proximity to / I like it, I like it, extra I like it all.”

The song itself is described as having “a mystical atmosphere” by the group’s label, and the audio online video undoubtedly reflects that. Members Eunha and Yuju both participated in the song’s composition, and the former also contributed to writing the lyrics for the keep track of.

With “Apple” as the direct one, 回: Music of the Sirens is the sextet’s ninth EP and the female group’s next comeback of 2020, adhering to the release of 回: Labyrinth in February. 回: Song of the Sirens represents a total metamorphosis for the 6 stars, the two thematically and creatively. 

Talking about the album through the media showcase, the customers exposed that, however somewhat fearful of admirer notion, even though building the EP they longed for a “dramatic” transformation. “We tried out our best to showcase a diverse side of us,” chief Sowon claimed by means of an interpreter for the duration of the media showcase, a sentiment that was echoed by the relaxation of the team. “We constantly consider about modifying as we carry on our musical careers. We have demonstrated how we’ve changed and developed but rather than these incremental or lesser changes we required to showcase a thing that absolutely everyone could say ‘wow, that is an awesome remarkable transformation’ when functioning on this album.”