Gekidol Original (TV) Anime – A Multimedia Anime Project Depicting The Future Of Idols

Gekidol Anime

The Multimedia Franchise “Gekidol” on its Official Website has announced that it will be releasing an original anime that will be centering around the three horsemen of entertainment, Theatre, Anime, and Idols. Although many idol projects are coming out every year, this definitely has a new touch to it and has definitely made me curious about what it brings to the table. The release of the Promotional Video for the Anime, which will be containing idols but in a post-apocalyptic world, is definitely going to be interesting, especially with all the happenings in 2020.

What Is Gekidol Anime All About?

The story is focused around the life of a young and aspiring girl, Seria Morino, who utilizes the technology of Theatrical Material System that enables 3D Holograms on Stage.

Gekidol Anime

The story of the series occurs in a world where cities begin mysteriously disappearing, and five years into this Apocalyptic world, things have settled down a bit, and now Idols are looked upon as a glimmering hope in the darkness. This alone is enough to draw several parallels with the current situation with the COVID-19 Pandemic and other disasters that are destroying the planet. There’s not much information about the plot provided on the official website and what we could gather from the promotional video was definitely enough to spark interest in the upcoming Anime Series.

When Will The Anime Series “Gekidol” Air?

The Multimedia Anime Project “Gekidol” has been confirmed to premiere on the 5th of January 2021 and the 10th of January 2021. The Anime series is being produced by Hoods Entertainment and will be directed by Shigeru Ueda while Keiichiro Oehi is penning down the script for the anime. Kiyoshi Tateishi is handling the Character Designs.

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Judging from the Promotional Video, the animation seems to be phenomenal and honestly something that I can’t wait for personally.

The Cast For The Anime Series Includes:

Hikaru Akao as Seria Morino, Chihira Mochida as Airi Kagami, Ayaka Suwa as Izumi Hninazaki, Kana Hanazawa as Kaworu Sakakibara, M.A.O as Doll, Nozomi Yamamoto as Aki Asagi, Asami Takano as Aimi Fujita, Aya Akiyoshi as Waka Yamamoto, Amina Satō as Mayuri Nakamura, Kousuke Toriumi as Hirokazu Takezaki, Sarara Yashima as Makoto Higuchi, Kaori Mizuhashi as Tomoko Hinata, and others.

The Gekidol Anime Project was announced back in 2015, and the merchandise was sold at the Comic Market 89 in 2016.

Other Announcements | Alice In Deadly School

The Anime Play “Alice In Deadly School,” which is a part of the Gekidol Anime Project, will also be receiving an Anime Adaptation. The Anime cast has been announced to the public and is definitely an exciting group of people. The Anime will be revolving around a zombie apocalypse and will be following a similar theme as the Zombieland Saga.

The “Alice In Deadly School” Anime Series will be handled by Hoods Entertainment, and Shigeyasu Yamauchi will be Directing the Anime. Yumi Kageyama is penning down the script for the series, and the character designs are being taken care of by Kiyoshi Tateishi.

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