Firefly Lane Season 1: How does the ending set up season 2?

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Firefly Lane Season 1 on netflix

I hope all my wonderful readers are having an amazing day! For the past few days, we all have been very thrilled about all the upcoming series and movies because they brought in something fresh and exciting to see. However, we think we all miss the element of homeliness and comfort because of the horror, psychological drama, and apocalypse. Today we bring your Firefly Lane. With the current pace that Netflix and some of the other websites have out up because of the post-pandemic effect, Firefly Lane is one of those that was affected. It premiered just yesterday, and I bet most of you were just binge-watching it. Not that we don’t have any other work, but because this is a terrific show to watch! Today I’ll be writing about the series in detail, along with some other exciting information that might interest you.

Are you a fan of any of the characters? Worry not; every cast member from the series has been mentioned below. Keep reading, and you will catch up to that! If you haven’t watched the series yet, you can watch it right here on Netflix. Obviously, it is widely available on some other websites too, but you’ve to be a subscriber for that.

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Firefly Lane Season 1 on netflix
Firefly Lane Season 1 Cover Picture With both the best friends, Tully and Kate (Main Characters of the series)

Firefly Lane Season 1 Plotline

Firefly Lane consists of 10 lengthy episodes. All of this came out at once so that you can smoothly binge-watch them. No cliff hangers, you see? And what I find absolutely bizarre is the episode name ‘Sweet Child O Mine,’ it brings back so many memories from childhood. Guns N’ Roses was really legendary. And the ending episode is named Auld Lang Syne. Refresh all your new year memories from Sex and the City movie scene right here! Well, this series is no different from the plotline of that one, though. This is because the same enthusiasm of friendship and the bond that those girls formed gives out the same energy. How all the song names are kept as episode headings is amazing. Unique and out of the box, this is what keeps the readers interested.

Firefly Lane, though original, is adapted from the novel in 2008, written by Kristin Hannah. It expands to a very vast timeline and shows the unavoidable consequences of life. It also teaches us a lot about friendship, empathy, and the unfair means which can drastically change our lives.

The plotline is simpler than we all expected it to be. Before every series is released, the internet goes through a phase where it simply judges and makes theories about everything. Obviously, Firefly Lane is a drama series, but it has more life to it than we anticipated. It starts with Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke (Tully and Kate) as the main focus. Honestly, after watching it, you would, too, get a feeling that this is their world and you’re just living in it. It takes us through a rollercoaster ride of their lives, where apart from their friendship, everything else is dynamic. They have this unbreakable bond that every best friend wishes to have. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to develop such a relationship with someone in real life too?

They went to Reeves Junior High School, where they first met in 1970. The episodes have a very deluding format for each episode because it takes us back in time and then again relates it to the at-the-moment present. This is why I sometimes wonder whether it would fall in some other genres, too, apart from simple western drama series. The entire season 1 is actually divided into three timelines, and we will go through all of them.

Firefly Lane Season 1 Ending: Explained

Something absolutely bizarre and huge is coming up! We obviously know for sure that there is another season on the way. The cliff hanger was absolutely dreadful; why would they do that to us? In the end, Tully is in dire need of peace because of all the drama with her love interest Max Brody. Kate is torn over old love and a new crush, that happens to be Johnny and Travis, respectively.

As you watch the show, you will notice how some past incidents are explained and how some present situations are justified with the help of the past. But, you will also notice some stories which need more adding up. This is what makes us think that there is surely another season on the way. How some major characters were built, why Kate is the way she is, and so much more. The ending, though simple, is hiding a lot. I think all this will be revealed only in the next season!

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Firefly Lane Season 2 release date
Firefly Lane Season 1: A Scene from the show (Katherine Heigl and Sarah) (via Netflix)

Firefly Lane Season 2: What can we expect from the second season?

We can expect all-out confusion to be cleared up. Officially, Netflix hasn’t announced anything because, well, it just released yesterday. But we all know for sure that there has to be another season. There is so much material yet to be uncovered! We hope by the end of this year or maybe the beginning of next year, we can have some official announcements. Apart from all this, Firefly Lane is just an easy-going comfort show. It was a really good watch and fans are looking forward to the next season.

What do you think will happen in Tully and Kate’s life? Do you think Kate will make the right choice? We hope she realizes why she has to leave Max initially and also whether Travis is really worth it. Wait for season 2 to know more! Meanwhile, stay updated with all the new information about your favorite shows and series. Let us know in the comment section right below about what you would like to see next!

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