Feel Good Season 2 Renewal Status – New Season Given Green Light?

Feel Good
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Feel good was basically developed to gain some laughs through their comedy oriented drama script. Even though the action dramas have a huge audience base around the globe, comedy series becomes the center of attraction in most of the regions.  The first season of Feel Good was released on 18 March 2020. Initially, the series was developed to get released to the audience base located in Britain. On seeing the potential involved in the script, development has decided to launch the series worldwide through the online video streaming platforms. Nowadays launching the series worldwide has become simple after the introduction of online platforms.

It’s reported that the percentage of members who have subscribed to these platforms are getting increased every day. These platforms provide a great deal of comfort for their subscribers to choose their preferences and time.

The first season of the series has completed with six episodes, each episode of the series has a runtime of around 45 minutes. The series mainly focuses on George and Mae’s romance which has many comedy sequences that are spread throughout the series. Mae joins the script as the Canadian comedian who performs stage shows and other events.

She always tries his best in expressing his humor in a serious situation which makes the series more interesting. During one of his shows, she was happened to meet George who was basically from the middle-class family English woman. As they start meeting very often, their relationship developed and they both make a better understanding of each other.

After dating for a few months George comes to know that  Mae is a former drug addict. It was revealed that she has been consuming drugs for more than five years which became a habit for her to consume drugs very often.

Feel Good
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Is Feel Good Season 2 Renewed?

To date, there is no information about the renewal update of the series. It’s expected that the development might renew the series for the second consecutive time after analyzing the audience response through internet sources. Most of the series which have comedy as their core theme has got renewed multiple times in the past years.

It’s too early expecting the renewal announcement of the series which got released recently. Many production companies have postponed their decision in developing the next sequel of the series due to the tough economical condition that’s prevailing these days. It’s better to wait for some time to get the official confirmation over the Feel Good season 2 renewal update.

Who Are The Cast Included In Feel Good Season 2?

The development has regularly updated the cast information about the series. It’s said that development has a huge list of performance artists from the various international entertainment industry while approaching the comedy series. The comedy series requires better timing and perfection for delivering the dialogue which enhanced the script to a greater extent. From the first season of the series, we have gathered cast information from the internet sources.

There are numerous talented and well experience performance artist has been included in the series. It’s expected that there won’t be any changes in the performance artist in the second season. The main cast of the series takes forward by two members. Other than these two membres there are few important cast who joins the visual script.  Mae Martin and Charlotte Ritchie are the pair who play an important role in creating the series. Lisa Kudrow comes in as the Mae mother who helps her in recovering from the Depression phase.