Fear of Rain: All You Need to Know about the Upcoming Psychological Thriller

Fear Of Rain 2021

Welcome back to all my wonderful readers! The holiday season might be already over, but fear not, 2021 has a lot in store than anticipated. So many wonderful movies are coming up this year, especially early 2021. Fear of Rain or I saw the man with yellow eyes is another such movie. I think we have a lot of horror-themed films here because I am writing quite a few articles on all of them. It is rather exciting to know about all these upcoming blockbusters. For example, we have The Little things, which is absolutely the perfect movie of the year. However, Fear of Rain is nothing less.

If I am honest, then I will tell you that there’s a chance this might turn out to be like Bird Box or something closeby. You might wonder why? The fear of a certain sense like sight or hearing sense is similar to another form of fear, that is, of emotion or phenomenon. Fea of Rain is close to that. Just a week ago, they released a trailer, and I think it is terrific! You might want to check that out real quick because that will keep your horror movie spirit alive. Have a look at the brand new trailer right here on Youtube.

Fear Of Rain movie
Fear of Rain 2021: The Main Character Of The Movie Madison Iseman

Fear of Rain: An Introduction To The Movie

The movie Fear of Rain might just look like a normal thriller or psychological horror, but I assure you it has more in store than we can imagine. It is basically about illusion, reality, and the fine line of absolute terror between these two things. How many times have you recalled an Incident which you swore was real but actually never took place? How many times have you considered a dream real? Most importantly, this goes out to all my daydreamers. Don’t you ever like to imagine how it would be if your wildest dreams come true? And by wildest, I don’t mean anything good or sane.

Mental illnesses are very common, and we live in one of those time periods where it is taken very considerably. We all must see a therapist once in a while; even I do too. So did Rain Burroughs. Rain is the main character her e(quite ironical, isn’t it?). She has a rather serious mental illness- schizophrenia. That is one hell of a disease that makes people have illusions about hearing or seeing things that are not happening in real life. This is where all the problems begin to take place with Rain. She starts to question her version of reality.

Is there an actual connection between her hallucinations and the house that she is giving in? Or is it all just inside her head? She trusts Caleb, her classmate, but is he real? Is her entire life an illusion? I guess you have to watch the movie in order to find that out. The house, along with Rain, is full of secrets, waiting to unfold.

Fear Of Rain spoilers
Fear of Rain 2021: An Intense Scene From The Movie

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Fear of Rain: Cast Members

I hope you all are pretty excited about the cast list part. This is because we have some fresh actors and crew members on the line for Fear of Rain. Though famous people will receive a lot of praise and awards, I think it is absolutely amazing to look at some fresh faces and brand new talent. Most importantly, it gives them all the opportunity to look forward to more such movies they can work in/ Also, some characters who have not played a role in such psychological movies will also have a chance to do so.

Let us have a look at the list of members provided here- Israel Broussard as Caleb, Madison Iseman as Rain Burroughs, Eugenie Bondurant as Dani McConnell, Katherine Heigl as Michelle Burroughs, and Harry Connick Jr. as John Burroughs. Madison Iseman is a very famous actress known for a lot of roles from broad scopes of the genre. But I think this movie really suits her well because she has played the leading roles in some of the incredible horror movies. Do you all remember Anabelle come home? Yes, she was the main character there too. I bet she is quite used to all this for now. Tales of Halloween and ticket to the haunted mansion are two other famous movies from Madison Iseman.

Katherine Heigl, too, has been in quite a few psychological thriller movies along with a horror hint to it. For example, the very famous- Bride Of Chucky! I think Chucky movies are a classic! She is a very flexible actress because she was also playing a leading role in Wuthering Heights! If you know something about these two movies, you will know that they are exact opposites. The cast is so promising that I am pretty sure this movie will be a hit right from the very first day.

Fear Of Rain release date
Fear of Rain 2021; The main Characters (Madison Iseman)

Fear of Rain Release Date And Production

Unlike the cast and crew members, Castille Landon is not a director and writer with a lot of psychological thrillers. I think they have given us some movies almost every year till around 2019. However, none of them are as up to the mark as his one seems to be. Because of the theme and the setup, it will receive far too many reviews than the last movie from them- Arlo: The Burping Pig.

We know that they will release the movie next month itself! That is on February 12. 2021 is indeed marvelous. Did you have a look at The Little Things? You must! Keep watching the trailer and teasers of the movie to keep your spirits and excitement up for this one! Stay tuned to us for more details on all the exciting brand new shows, movies, and upcoming games too!

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