Facebook Introduced New Feature To Display Warning

This new warning system is designed specifically for stopping fake spread of news about COVID-19

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Facebook in their recent attempts to battle against the global pandemic has introduced a new notification screen to battle against the misinformation about COVID-19. Facebook has built a powerful data analysis feature that provides more information about an article or URL links, like when it was first shared and its initial source. Technical giants like Google, Facebook has initiated several precautionary measures fighting against the deadly virus. Google has already brought live statistical data about the infected patents, recovered patients, and the number of deaths using several other filters like country wise and worldwide. Along with that feature, the company has also changed its google doodle to teach the importance of wearing face masks and maintaining social distancing.

Facebook has said that by introducing this feature to help general people to get a basic understanding of the original content and source of the content. This feature also restricts misinformation about the coronavirus by spreading to the massive population. This feature ensures people have access to the original information about the COVID-19 from the international health authorities. Many government organizations and non-government organizations are working together in teaching basic hygiene to avoid getting affected by the deadly virus. Many companies are spending millions of dollars in fighting against the fake information that has been dominating the internet for the last couple of years. It has become mandatory to fight against the redundant data that give false information for the general audience.

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This feature cut downs the spread of older links by proving accurate information about the source of the original content. Thereby arresting the spread of false information from the content creators. As a part of the corona initiative, Google has suspended their Google I/O developers meet whish was planned earlier to have happened during the middle of this year. Google has also provided $1000 for its employees around the globe to purchase basic office things required for working from home. It has requested all its employees to continue work from home till mid of 2021. As we know that every day millions of information are uploaded on the world wide web, it will definitely be a difficult task fighting against the misinformation. This feature suspends the part of the false information that is uploaded through leading social media platform, Facebook. It’s expected that these features will also get applied for all the social media companies that are operated under the Facebook team.

This feature has been introduced as an initial process to fight against fake news. On seeing the response from the users this feature might be applied to other similar platforms. Facebook has already started several other projects to fight against the misinformation. It includes banning anti-mask groups and placing anti-misinformation messages after analyzing and placing it on the  News Feeds of users who may have chances to get engaged with fake coronavirus stories. During the month of May, Facebook faced many downsides due to the fake corona video that went viral which caused more problems for Facebook’s moderation efforts.

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Facebook has encountered several other false information that went virally related to the coronavirus. Breitbart News, one of the Facebook trusted news partner released a video which caused a huge headache over the content related to coronavirus cures and measures to combat its spread went viral again. By introducing this feature Facebook ensures to provide original information also making sure that the spread of information from credible health authorities which operates directly under the control of every government.