Everything To Know About ‘1899’; An Upcoming Show From Dark Creators

Netflix 1899 Dark creators

Netflix’s original German tv series Dark was undoubtedly a huge hit. The show has now concluded with three seasons and is still receiving praise for its unique storyline. However, don’t be sad that the show is gone because the creators of Dark are bringing back another gem. Creators of Dark, Jantje Friese, and Baran bo Odar are reportedly working on a new project called 1899. Moreover, the duo already planned the show back in 2018. It is believed that 1899 is a part of the duo’s overall deal with the streaming giant.

Netflix 1899 Dark creators


Although the show’s idea was conceived a couple of years ago, it is still in its infancy stage. The production is in its development area, so a lot is not on the table currently. However, we still got some info just for you. SO, make sure to get your hands on all the deets about 1899.

1899: The Plot, Cast, And Production

Looks like Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar really like exploring the past. The title indicates that the show will either be set in the 1890s or will be about it. Just like Dark, the audience may also experience some old town set-up, clothes, and dialogues.

Furthermore, a hint to the original plot was teased during a press release. According to it, the series will follow the events of a migrant steamship heading west, leaving the continent from London to New York. The steamship consists of passengers, including a huge European mix. These people have united with each other by their hopes and dream of a better future abroad. However, they find another migrant ship on open land during their journey, and their destiny suddenly changes. Their hope of getting a secure land and future soon turns into their biggest nightmare.

In the press release, the creators also revealed that the show would be entirely in English, unlike their other show, Dark.

Netflix 1899 Dark creators

As for the production, according to various sources, 1899 will be shot in London, UK, Berlin, Germany, and other European countries. It was also revealed that the writing part for the series began at the start of 2020. The filming was set to start in February 2020; however, the pandemic happened. And as a result, everything was put to a halt. However, in September 2020, the filming schedule was again drawn, and according to that plan, filming will now begin in April 2021 and end on September 21.

As for the cast, nothing is revealed as of now. But, we may expect to see some English actors and stars from various ethnicities based on the premise of the show.

 Friese and Odar’s Thought On 1899

The creators of Dark and now, 1899, shared their thoughts on the idea of 1899. They said that what they truly connect is to the concept of having a complete English show consisting of the cast from different countries. This will give the essence to the show of ‘what unites us and what divides us.’ They also posted a picture online revealing the first episode’s title, which will be called ‘The Ship.’