“Equinox,” The Danish Version Of “Dark” Releases Its First Teaser

Equinox trailer

German Tv series “Dark” left us all with our mouths hanging. With an intriguing and mind-boggling plot, Dark was definitely one of the best sci-fi TV series we’ve seen in years. But, now that Dark has finally concluded, the fans should get ready for the Danish version. The new danish dubbed version of “Dark,” “Equinox” will be out soon. For starters, it has already launched its first official teaser. However, even though the concept can be the same, the plot looks entirely different. Equinox will have its own qualities and traits. All the details of the new supernatural thriller series will be down in the article. From Equinox release date to plot to its cast, we have covered it all for the readers. So, go ahead and check them out.

Equinox Netflix
Equinox on Netflix

Netflix’s new Danish show is definitely keeping things under wrap as there is not much available online. However, the new trailer gives us some idea about the show. Equinox will be a six-part series (according to IMDb). Soren Balle and Mads Matthiesen will be serving as directors of the series. Where Balle will direct four episodes, Matthiesen is helming the other two. On the other hand, the script is penned down by Mette Kruse, Tea Lindeburg, and Tue Walin Storm. Netflix has also announced its release date besides the trailer.

Equinox: The Trailer

The trailer starts with a girl, Astrid dreaming about her past and the day when her sister disappeared. It looks like she has been having nightmares, and now she wants to know the whole truth. We also see some flashbacks of Astrid as a child interacting with her now missing sister.

Moreover, now that Astrid is an adult, she decides to find out what really happened to her sister 21 years ago. Astrid keeps having nightmares, and after witnessing the trailer, it’s easy to say that her nightmares are trying to explain something to her. Maybe time travel?

The trailer was mysterious, and it did have some elements from Dark. But we are still excited about the new show. You can check out the trailer down below.

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Equinox: Release Date And Cast

Equinox is making its debut on December 30, 2020, only on Netflix. The people across the world are definitely going to have an awesome start to the new year. The show is about to premiere soon. So, we hope to get some more details on the show, and maybe Netflix releases another trailer for it.

The debut season will have six episodes. They will be available to stream at once on its release. So, go ahead and renew your Netflix subscriptions now.

Equinox Netflix
Characters of Equinox

The show stars Danica Curcic as Astrid. Curcic is well known for her role in mini-series like The Mist and Nobel. Joining her is Lars Brygmann, who will be playing the role of Dennis. Fanny Bornedal will play Amelia, whereas Akroline Hamm will portray the role of Ida. Alexandre Willaume, Rasmus Hammerich, and Viola Martinsen will also be seen on the show.

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