Elon Musk Explains Neuralink Brain Link

Neuralink Still

Elon Musk demonstrated his product developed by his startup  Neuralink, which has the potential to act as an interface between the brain and the computer. The product was demonstrated with the help of the pig named Gertrude. This experiment gives the activity the brain through the device that’s fitted inside its skull, which transmits rays that could be captured in the received end. This demonstration gives the physical view of what Musk expressed during the conference in 2019. His ambitious project was found to be logical less during his initial progress. We could able to see a massive improvement from what he showed up a year ago. It was just a photographic representation of their project, that their device is inserted inside the rat skull. In the month of July, the US Food and Drug Administration granted approval for testing the “breakthrough device” developed by Neuralink.

The First-generation of the device that was developed for the initial phase of the testing varies with the second generation device that was recently developed. The second-generation device looks much smaller than the initial device. The device, which was recently developed, looks compact and easy to be inserted into the skull, which doesn’t require much space. It said that the device could be charged through the USB cable. Musk stated that “It’s like a Fitbit in your skull with tiny wires,” while displaying the device. The device uses 1,024 thin electrodes to communicate with the brain cells for transferring the information. For external communication, the company is said to be working on the advanced Bluetooth connectivity, also analyzing the radio connectivity option, which might get a better reach than the Bluetooth.

Elon Musk
Elon Musk Still

The working of the device was shown through the wireless device that gets displayed to the compute monitor. The initial phase of the demo provides only a piece of information about the spikes that are transmitted from the pig brain. We couldn’t be able to see much more than that. It’s expected that the remaining phase of the project will be demonstrated in the upcoming demos, which will mostly include replying back to a brain or the computer, which basically understands the activity through the spikes using neural technology. This technology will help the patients to look after the injuries that happened in the brain and spinal cord and also other damages that’s hard to find out. It completely evaluates the processing of the human body along with the body temperature, blood pressure, and stress that every individual undergoes during some phase of life.

This demonstration looks like a Sci-fi movie that retrieves information from the human brain directly without any human communication. On asked about the device application, Musk said that, If anyone can sense what they want to do with their limbs, they can do a second implant where the spinal injury occurred and create a neural shunt. He also expressed his confidence in the project, which also attracts investors towards the company.  Musk added that “I’m confident in the long term it’ll be possible to restore somebody’s full-body motion.” Musk projects are far advanced from what the world is experiencing today, which has ideas like a project that developed an application where the two individuals can able to communicate through their brain without any need for mobile devices, speaking, or writing. These projects will produce a good result that every human will love to install these devices in the future, which helps them to plan their day to day life.