EA Reveals New Features Of Upcoming FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Still

Football has been dominating the sports entertainment industry for more than five decades. Millions of dollars are spent every year to entertain the audience by conducting champion trophy matches. It estimated that the international football association fetches more than billion as revenue from the football matches conducted over various different continents. Every year new updates have been added to the video game, which is developed and released annually by Electronic Arts under the EA Sports label. The first video game based on football has been released during 1980, which received a great response from football fans around the globe in various regions of different parts of the country.

To meet the demands of the gaming industry, development has planned to launch the FIFA 21 in different hardware consoles to reach the maximum audience base. As announced earlier, the upcoming version of the game will be made available to make its debut entry on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch this October. This is one of the few games which is making entry into the upcoming play station 5. Soon after the announcement about the launch in the PlayStation, many fans expressed their happiness by posting on social media

Since the game is making its entry into two of the new gaming consoles, developers have come up with additional features and enhanced graphical content to meet the current generation trend. It’s expected that the upcoming version of the game will make use of the additional features that are available in the advanced consoles. The last version of the game released for PC has gained a positive momentum with limited control features. It will be a great experience for gamers to experience the game in the new gaming environment.

Based on the latest information from the developers, It clear that most of the important features of the game will be unveiled a few days before the release date of the game. EA has clearly stated that few glimpses of information will be leaked during the month of August, whereas the remaining information will be revealed last the same month. EA has known they leaked some of the important and highlighted features in the FIFA 21. We have compiled the gathered information from the official press release that happened recently. A few of the important features that gamers can experience are Agile Dribbling, Positioning Personality, Creative Runs, Smoother Encounters, Fundamentals of Football, and Competitor Mode.

Agile Dribbling provides the advanced and enhanced features for fast movement between the opposite team players, which also has a fake ball role that explodes enormous power while giving a pass. Positioning Personality will provide a world-class real-time football experience by positioning the players based on the rank and performance ability. Creative runs are one of the new features which provide a mechanism to control the ball from getting into the hands of the opposite team and also breaking the powerful defense. Fundamentals of the football have been upgraded based on the feedback from the audience community. Many of the FIFA guidelines have been brought into the development while developing the fundamentals, so the game. This is one of the ost and important and most expected updates in FIFA 21 as many might have known that fundamental of the game plays a major role in determining the impact.