Dune Release Date – Timothée Chalamet Leads The New Warner Bros’ Sci-Fi Movie

Dune Poster

Warner Bros’ upcoming Sci-fi film Dune’s trailer is finally out. The movie is an adaptation of Frank Herbert’s 1965 novel of the same name as the movie. The movie is helmed by the director Denis Villeneuve, who is also responsible for brilliant films like Arrival and Blade Runner 2049. Apart from that, Villeneuve will also be serving as the producer of the movie.  The trailer features a fierce Timothée Chalamet fighting for his people and family. Dune reflects the story of a blazing and gifted man, who needs to travel to the most dangerous planet in the universe. Moreover, he must go there in order to save the future of his family as well.

Dune still

The movie will be out on December 18th, 2020 worldwide. So, let’s go ahead and get to know more about the new film:

Dune: Trailer

The trailer starts with the scenery of the desert world of Arrakis, which is home to the most craved substance in the universe, “the spice”. Later, Dune’s trailer introduces us to the character of Chalamet ( Paul Atriedes) who is starting to have visions. Meanwhile, he is also planning to take the land back of Arrakis from the opposition. We also see Zendaya who plays the role of Chani, Paul’s love interest in the film. She is seen helping him to get through the visions.

However, the greatest strength of Paul’s character is two other people a.k.a his mentors. Gurney Halleck (Josh Brolin) and Duncan Idaho (Jason Momoa) serve as the weapon master and swordmaster in the film, respectively.

Dune Cast

The star-studded film also includes stars like Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac who portray the role of Pauls’ parents. They play Lady Jessica and Duke Leto Atreides. Also, Stellan Skarsgård will be seen as the evil Baron Vladimir Harkonnen. Dave Bautista (as Glossu Rabban), Stephen McKinley Henderson (as Thufir Hawat), Chang Chen (as Dr. Wellington), and Javier Bardem (as Fremen leader Stilgar.) are also in the film.

Timothée’s Views On The Movie

Earlier, the lead of the movie talked about his character and expressed what he feels about Paul. Chalamet said, “The immediately appealing thing about Paul was the fact that in a story of such detail and scale and world-building, the protagonist is on an anti-hero’s-journey of sorts.” He continued and said, that Paul thinks that he is a young general studying his father and his leadership of a fighting force before he comes of age, hopefully, a decade later.