Comedy Central’s ‘Drunk History’ Gets Canceled After Sixth Season, Confirms Sources.

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It’s time to say goodbye to Comedy Central’s ‘Drunk History’. Recently the news has surfaced that the Comedy Central show has been canceled after its sixth season. ‘Drunk History’ is a half-hour series based on an award-winning web series. The show reenacts famous events in an intoxicating manner by storytellers. Moreover, The show first came out in 2013  and had successfully run for almost six years.

Season 7 of Drunk History was in pre-production was all set to come out. But, sadly, the show is not moving forward and is already wrapped up. The last season of the show came out in August 2019. However, the show will continue to air around the world in different local formats. There are various reasons behind ceasing the show. So, let’s go ahead and know more about the causes due to which the show got canceled:

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Main Reason Behind The Cancellation?

Season 7 was already in works and the artists were busy tapping comedic narrations for the new episodes. But, due to the pandemic, it was put to halt. Although unrelated to the pandemic, another reason is the revaluation of branding strategies by Viacom CBS’ Entertainment and Youth Group. The companies want to chart a new path for Comedy Central. And as a result of that, comedy-central has been paying more attention to adult animation shows. Comedy-central is currently busy tapping into IP across ViacomCBS to create something more loyal like South Park.

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Also, the high costs of producing Drunk History is another factor for the shutdown of the show. Now that the live-ending show is canceled. And, both,  The Other Two and South Side has moved to HBO.  The only original’s left on comedy-central is Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens.

Drunk History’s Huge Popularity

Even though the show is over, ‘Drunk History’ is immensely popular and is also known for its amazing concept. During season 6, the show managed to grab 17 Emmy nominations. And, also won the award for Outstanding Costumes in for a Variety Program. The show is currently up for three Emmy nominations. The categories are Outstanding Costumes and Production Design for a Reality/Variety/Competition series.

The show might be over, but it still has been constantly nominated for its work since 2015. Drunk History gets nominated in the top variety sketch category every year. You can binge-watch all seasons online and recollect the memories again.