“Dragon’s Dogma” Anime Series By Netflix To Premiere In September 2020

Anime Adaptation Of The Video Game Series "Dragon Dogma" Will Be Streamed On Netflix This September 17th.

Dragon's Dogma

“Dragon’s Dogma” is an RPG Video Game Series developed and published by CAPCOM and in March of 2019, it was announced that this popular video game series will be receiving an Anime Adaptation on Netflix. The anime is set to premiere worldwide on the 17th of September and in accordance has released a trailer on Netflix’s YouTube Channel this Thursday. The trailer for “Dragon Dogma” TV series revealed both the English and Japanese voice actors of the characters in the show.

“Dragon Dogma” Anime Adaptation will be handled by Studio Sublimation, while the Producer and Director of the series will be Shin’ya Sugai. CAPCOM’s Hiroyuki Kobayashi along with Takashi Kitahara will be Co-Producing the show, and Taiki Sakurai is the Executive Producer. The Script for the series will be written by Kurasumi Sunayama and the Character Designs will be taken care of by Iku Nishimura.

The Netflix series will comprise a total of 7 episodes, each episode will be titled after one of the seven deadly sins. The Plot of this Netflix Anime Series will be pretty much the same as the Original scenario and setting from the Video Game series.

The protagonist is on a journey to seek revenge from the Dragon that has stolen his heart and since has been revived as an “Arisen” and in the process of seeking the Dragon, he must defeat the demons which are the personification of the 7 deadly sins of Mankind.

The Voice Actors Unveiled For The Anime Include:

Yuichi Nakamura (known for voicing the role of Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tale) will be voicing the character of Ethan.

Nana Mizuki (known for voicing the role of Hinata Hyuga from Naruto) will be voicing the character of Hannah.

Miyuki Sawashiro (known for voicing the role of Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter) will be voicing the character of Olivia.

Yuko Sanpei (known for voicing the role of Boruto Uzumaki from Naruto: Naruto Next Generations) will be voicing the character of Louis.

Suzuko Mimori (known for voicing the role of Himiko from Btooom!) will be voicing the character of Salai.

Takayuki Sugo (known for voicing the role of Hashirama Senju from Naruto) will be voicing the character of The Dragon.

Dragon's Dogma
Netflix Will Be Adapting CAPCOM’s Popular Video Game Series Into A 7 Episode Long Show.

About The Video Game | Dragon’s Dogma

Dragon’s Dogma is an action adventure RPG game developed and published by CAPCOM which debuted on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 back in 2012. Later on An enhanced version Dragon Dogma Dark Arisen was released for the same consoles in April of 2013. The Microsoft Windows version of the game was released in January of 2016, and the  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One edition was  released in October of 2017. After the release of Nintendo Switch Console, the game was made available on the console in 2019.

Another game from the same series titled Dragon’s Dogma Online was launched on the PS3, PS4, and PC in Japan in August of 2015.