Dogeza De Tanondemita Anime Announced Release Date and Cast Members

Kazuki Funatsu's Webcomic Inspired Sexual Comedy Anime Announces The Cast For the Adaptation.

Dogeza De Tanondemita

The Official Website of  Dogeza De Tanondemita (I Asked While Prostrating!) Anime Adaptation unveiled the cast members along with the character designs for the female characters on Sunday. Kazuki Funatsu’s Webcomic, Dogeza De Tanondemita (I Asked While Prostrating!), debuted on twitter and was announced to receive an anime adaptation back in the July of 2020 issue of the Gakken’s Megami Magazine. So far, the announcement only addressed the new cast as well as the other staff involved, but nothing so far has been discussed regarding the release date for the Anime.

The Anime is said to be produced in a series of shorts, and the website announced that the female cast would be each playing 2-3 roles. Dogeza De Tanondemita anime will be directed by Shinpei Nagai and Character Designs by Harabote while Shinpei Nagai is also in charge of the Animatics work for the series.

The Manga has also inspired an erotic Live-Action Film, which premiered in Japan back in 2018, with the adaptation featuring actresses like Minori Kotani, Yui Hatano, Miku Abeno, Seri Hoshi, Mihina Nagai, Yuri Asada, Aya Miyazaki, Hibiki Ōtsuki, Yukari Miyazawa, Mari Takasugi, Ai Mukai, Ruka Kanae, and Nimo.

As much as the fans were intrigued at the fact that the manga received an anime adaptation, no one was more surprised than the Author, Kazuki Funatsu, himself as once the news was out, he tweeted about how his wife and him were quite surprised about the news.


Dogeza De Tanondemita
The Female Character Designs For The Anime Adaptation.

About The Manga | Dogeza De Tanondemita

Written and illustrated by Kazuki Funatsu, Dogeza De Tanondemita is a Japanese Webcomic that initially debuted as a twitter comic back in the March of 2017, which was later published in the Kadokawa Shoten and is still ongoing. The manga series only has one volume released along with a two-part novelization as well.

The plot follows the character of Suwaru Doge, who goes around asking girls to show him their breasts or panties, using his patented technique of Dogeza (which is basically prostrating in front of them). Upon continuous request and being very persistent, each girl finally gives up and lets him see their breasts and panties.

The Cast Unveiled For The Anime Include:

Yui Ogura who will be voicing the characters of Minori Kakesaka, Ayame Omoi, and Yua Aneha

Juri Nagatsuma who will be voicing the characters of Urara Toyofusa and Rui Sukiyabashi

Miyu Tomita who will be voicing the characters of Kanan Misenai and Rei Shioya

Ayaka Shimizu who will be voicing the characters of Akari Osaka and Tama Kyan

Saika Kitamori who will be voicing the characters of Sanami Murakami and Natsumi Yuuseki

Akane Kaida who will be voicing the character of Sannose Ninose