Dell G7 15 Specifications And Features – A new generation Laptop

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Dell G7 15 is all set to be launched in the Indian subcontinent after its successful debut entry into the United States. Dell has been launching higher-end laptops for more than a decade. The company has also entered into the gaming laptop business in recent times. Dell G7 15 which was released early this year is packed with few of the advanced features and specifications.

Dell claims that Dell G7 15 will have Intel’s 10th-generation Core processors which are one of the advanced processors that Intel has introduced for faster computing. Previous to this 9th generation of the processor was being used in most of the higher-end Dell laptops. Intel has upgraded their performance by improving the processor with the advanced combination of logic gates used in the processor. To support the higher graphics and animation the laptop gets an Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics cards. These graphics are mostly used for playing games and watching High definition video content.

The sides of  Dell G7 15 has thin bezels which maximize the display screen. The company claims that the laptop features a 15-inch display. Most of the higher-end laptops come with this screen size. It’s announced that the laptop will be made available in both through online eCommerce store and also through the offline in local stores.

This model laptop from Dell is made available in two different variants. Both these variants look costly but come under the affordable price segment when compared with the specifications that it holds. The first variant of the Dell G7 15 has an Intel i7 processor which is one of the advanced versions of the Intel processor.

This processor assures to provide optimized processing even under heavyweight programs. Along with this higher-end processor, it gets a 16GB RAM. The internal storage space of the device is 1TB which is the default storage space that we’ll be found in most of the laptops that are getting released in recent times. Entire 1TB of the storage is build using the SSD which makes it faster for accessing the data stored in those drives.

Dell G7 15
Dell G7 15 sTILL

Another variant of the laptop comes with the Intel  Core i9 processor which is slightly advanced from the previous version of the intel processor that was used. Other than the processor that’s used in this variant, most of the other features look similar including the disk storage.

It’s obvious that the performance of the processor makes a much different than any other internal hardware changes. Both the variant are made available in Mineral Black color. The laptop comes with Windows 10 pre-installed as the default operating system. The 15-inch display comes with an LED display with a higher 300Hz refresh rate. Since this is the gaming laptop that introduces the leading laptop manufacturing company, it gets most of the connectivity options.

The connectivity option that’s included with the laptop is Bluetooth and WIFI. Along with the WIFI, it gets an Intel AX201/ Killer Wireless 1650 2×2 AC which is an advanced connectivity option that’s introduced by Intel for the higher-end laptops. It’s set that this connectivity option comes with the chipset.

The latest version of the Bluetooth has been used on these laptops which makes the connection faster with other devices. Three USB 3.2 first-generation type A port comes along with the laptop which can be used for wired connection. These ports are mostly used for connecting laptops with mobile phones.