David Bowie’s Biopic Trailer Fails To Impress The Fans; Misses The Most Important Element Of His Life.

Stardust David Bowie

Biopics are a clear and digital representation of the lives of our favorite stars and celebs. These movies talk to us and introduce us to the actual reality. After the release of 2018’s Bohemian Rhapsody, people are becoming fans of movies based on the lives of musicians who ruled the 70s-90s era. And, recently, the trailer for legendary David Bowie’s biopic ‘Stardust‘ was dropped on Netflix. However, it seems like the fan didn’t like it at all. Although there are some reasons for their disappointment, and we couldn’t help but agree with them. Stardust is an upcoming biopic helmed by the director, Gabriel Range.

Stardust David Bowie

Range is also serving as the writer, alongside Christopher Bell. And it stars Jena Malone, Johnny Flynn, and Marc Maron in the lead roles. After the first teaser, a lot more has been revealed for the film. So, go ahead and check out the trailer and fans’ reactions.

Stardust: The Trailer

As we start watching the trailer for the new biopic, we see a 20- something Bowie who has just released ‘Space Oddity.’ He is not a breakthrough music star yet, also, his 1971 album Hunky Dory failed to please the fans as well. Johnny Flynn (Emma) is seen playing the perfect young retro Bowie in the movie, as the trailer goes further.

We later see him going on a three-week tour in America carrying his rockstar look. Also, we see him adopting a different persona for his celebrity lifestyle, as he continues to make more music; and releases Thin White Duke and Halloween Jack. Furthermore, he gained more popularity when he went out with his red mullet and metallics of Ziggy Stardust.

Stardust David Bowie

Even though the fans are excited to see Bowie’s life and behind the scenes of his struggles, one major element of his life is missing from the trailer and movie. His songs, cannot be heard in the movie, as the creators do not have rights to David Bowie’s music. His success can be felt only with his music, and that’s what makes the trailer dull.

Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, also agreed to this and expressed his thoughts on social media. Jones said the movie will not have any of his dad’s music and he doesn’t see things changing in the future. He later continued that if the audience wants a biopic without his music and family’s blessing, then that’s up to the audience.

It is quite clear that Bowie’s family and son are completely not happy with the film. But, we have to wait for the fan’s reactions, once the movie releases.

Release Date 

The film is based on the life of English singer-songwriter David Bowie and his alter ego Ziggy Stardust. It was scheduled to release at the Tribeca Film Festival in April 2020. But, eventually, the event was canceled due to the COVID.

The movie later premiered in October at the San Diego International Film Festival. Any release date for the theatre release is not out at the moment. But we will make sure to feed you with regular updates.