Candyman Officially Delayed: The New Horror Movie Expected to Arrive in Late 2021

Candyman 2021 poster

A very good day to everyone reading this article, and this is the perfect weather to get inside your blankets and set yourself warm. Horror movies are just in for the season. However, 2021 is starting to look a lot different from 2020. This is because the delays are making amends now. One such movie is Candyman. Candyman by Nia Dacosta was about to come out last year. However, that was not possible because of the coronavirus situation. But now we finally have a confirmed release date! Keep reading, and you will discover a lot more than you anticipated (all useful, I must assure you).

I think horror movies are a gem of a genre. They never bore, and we have had a lot of prequels, sequels, and other things too. For example the Conjuring series- we have some side quests of the main conjuring, too involving other things. Anabelle and the Nun are examples of movies that are pretty popular among audiences because of their connection to the original conjuring. We also have a prequel o it. What I am trying to suggest is that Candyman, too, has one such background. We can say that this movie will be the fourth version of the basic original idea of the horror story of Candyman.

Candyman Cast
Candyman 2021: One of the main characters of the movie

Candyman: The Origin And Theme Of The Horror Movie

The history runs deep and runs dirty. Racism is always alive, even in today’s date where we are educated and civilized, there will always be somebody to remind us what we should not be doing; that is- being a racist. So many movies have been made on this topic that now I think this can become a genre or style of movie in itself. We had seven years a slave, Get out, and any other popular racism-related movies. Candyman, too, has always been one. Right from the beginning in 1992 when the first Candyman movie came out.

There is an urban legend about this duo of a man and a young boy. The boy was the son of a slave who fell in love with a white girl, who was a painter’s daughter. The other black man was an artist. They killed the man and the boy just because they were of different skin color. Therefore their ghosts did not move on from the mortal world. They continue to stay and haunt the people here, or rather, help them. If you are into anime, then you might know about JigokunShoujo (Hell Girl). There too, the girl was killed, and after her death, she continued to haunt people. People could summon hell girl to kill other people who seek revenge. Candyman is no different. Sometimes he would be called too to get somebody killed. So, would you like to summon him? Is there somebody in your mind that you want to be gone?

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candyman teaser
Candyman 2021: A Scene from the teaser for the upcoming movie by Nia DaCosta

Plotline Details of the Candyman

Getting started on the idea of Candyman, it was a short film named ‘the Forbidden.’ Clive Barker wrote the Forbidden. I bet they never thought the legend would continue and follow us so long into 2021! You can summon the Candyman by simply repeating his name five times in front of a mirror. This gives you Bloody mary vibes, doesn’t it? What I like about this movie in 2021 is that they tried to merge the past and the present. This ghost from the 19th century has something in common with Anthony (the character from the movie Candyman). Also, I find it annoying that they named a black man Anthony- in a movie where we tried to show Racism.

The movie sets in when Anthony McCoy moves into his brand new apartment, and they tore down the tower in the Cabrini Green neighborhood (they assumed it to be haunted). Anthony, however, is not alone. He moves in with his girlfriend. Soon after that, a person who has lived there for a long time lets him in on the story, or rather, the urban legend about Candyman. This is where all the trouble begins. The past is a horrible thing to be digging around about. Anthony has a very strong character and is the main focus in the movie, along with Candyman. What happens next? Will he summon the Candyman, or will a completely different storyline follow? I guess the only way to know that is to watch the movie to find out.

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movie scene Candyman
Candyman 2021: A Scene from the trailer provided by the official website for candyman

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Candyman: Cast Members And Their Roles

The cast has a pretty long list with some of our favorite members around. We have Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Anthony McCoy, Teyonah Parris as Brianna Cartwright, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett as Troy Cartwright, Colman Domingo as William Burke, Tony Todd as Daniel Robitaille / Candyman, Kyle Kaminsky as Grady Smith, Christiana Clark as Danielle Harrington, Brian King as Clive Privler, Cedric Mays as Gil Cartwright, Torrey Hanson as Jack Hyde, Carl Clemons-Hopkins as Jameson, Vanessa Estelle Williams as Anne-Marie McCoy, Nancy Pender as TV News Anchor, Pam Jones as Devlin Sharpe, Breanna Lind as Annika.

Helen Lyle is important here because she is the reincarnation. Anne-Marie, Anthony’s mother, knew very well about this Candyman because she used to live in that same area long ago.

When can we expect Candyman to release?

Worry not! Just a few more months to go. Though there was a delay previously, it is expected to arrive by the end of August 2021. 27th- to be exact. You can watch the trailer on YouTube. I hope all of you are very excited about this new supernatural thriller! Stay tuned for more updates on exciting movies like this.

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