BTS’s Jimin And V Bless Fans With New Singles This Christmas Eve

BTS v and Jimin
BTS's V and Jimin release new singles on Christmas Eve

BTS members V (Kim Tae-Hyung) and Jimin dropped new singles today. And the Army can’t help but create bizarre on social media. The Friends singers surprised the fans with new tracks, “Christmas Love” and “Snow Flower.” Jimin is the sole creator of “Christmas Love”; V made “Snow Flower” with his friend and musician Peakboy. Once again, BTS proved that they always think about their fans and how to make them happy. Earlier, the eldest of the Septet, Jin released “Abyss” on his Birthday, Dec 4th, as a gift to the fans.

Jimin’s “Christmas Love” is produced by Slow Rabbit. And is written by Jimin, RM, and Slow Rabbit. However, V worked on his gift with his rapper-song friend Peakboy. Moreover, Snow Flower is produced by V and Peakboy together.

Christmas Love’s lyrics are just as beautiful as Jimin’s voice. In his new song, Jimin sounds like an adult with the feelings of a child. He sings, “Christmas, I love you.” This reflects how much he misses and loves Christmas. He also sings and tells how he is waiting for Christmas Day. Jimin also describes the streets and everything happening during the eve. Christmas Love will definitely remind you of your childhood and bring those lost memories back.

On the other hand, V seemed to be having a conversation with the Snow in his new song. He mentioned Snow and its arrival on Christmas Eve. So, eventually, it is a Christmas appropriate song too. Although, even if it wasn’t, Armys around the world would listen to it all day on Dec 25. In “Snow Flower,” V talks about how Snow makes Christmas more beautiful, covering the canvases and the streets.

V and Jimin’s Messages To Fans [Armys]

Before uploading the beautiful songs, V and Jimin also addressed sweet messages to the fans. Jimin started with a Hello and said that it [Christmas Love] is a Christmas gift from him.

He said that there is a reason why he wanted to share this song with Armys. Jimin said that in this challenging time, he wants to cheer us with an upbeat song. Jimin also wrote that he has penned down this song with emotions he felt when he saw Snow falling in large flakes. The singer also says that it is his best memory from childhood.

The 25-year-old singer also said that as we grow up, we begin to miss our childhood. And that we all want to go back to our old, innocent, and naive childhood days. He said it might sound a little cringe but, it’s his goal that people can enjoy it together. In the end, Jimin says that we all deserve to be loved.

V also shared a delightful little message on Twitter. He said that this year feels like the time has stopped. And he thinks that as the year-end approaches, there will be many people with anxiety and depression. So, he hopes that the white flowers (Snow) come down to Armys hearts and make it warm and happy.

BTS V and jimin
BTS’s V and Jimin (The “95” Liners)

Both V and Jimin belong to the “95” line of BTS. Moreover, the duo likes to call them “Soulmates” as they are of the same age and connect better.

BTS New Year Plans

BTS’s 2020 albums, “Map Of The Soul: 7” and “BE” have been breaking records ever since their release. The boys also do not forget to reciprocate the love they receive from Armys. And these unannounced singles are the result.

The group will make an appearance at the 62nd Japan Record Awards on December 30. And a day later, the boyband will join their BigHit family at the 2021 New Year’s Eve Live Concert on December 31.

BTS V and jimin
BTS X Dicon

The South Korean boyband made its debut in 2013. And consist of seven members. BTS comprises Kim Namjoon (RM/Leader), Kim Seok-Jin, Suga (Min Yoongi), J-hope (Jung Ho-Seok), Park Ji Min, V (Kim Tae Hyung), and Jeon Jung Kook.

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