BTS’s BE (Deluxe Edition): The Complete Tracklist Is Here

BTS BE Deluxe Edition

BTS has announced the tracklist for their new album ‘BE (Deluxe Edition).’ And, the fans are going gaga over the news. Of course, it’s Armys we are talking about; they do things at a large level. BTS’s new album is debuting on November 20, and the band will perform their upcoming single ‘Life Goes On’ at the American Music Awards happening on November 23. BTS’s recent hit ‘Dynamite’ is also on the tracklist.

BTS BE Deluxe Edition

Dynamite is the group’s first-ever all-English single. The song was an immediate hit and also earned the seven boys their first position on Billboard Hot 100. Ever since the release of Dynamite, the boys are enjoying their hard work, and it will surely continue with the release of the new album.

According to the band’s label, BigHit Entertainment, BE contains the most ‘BTS-Esque’ music yet”. We are definitely in for this.

BE: The Tracklist

Like BTS’s former works, all of the new album’s songs feel different and unique. Moreover, not only the seven boys have worked on singing and drafting the music on BE; they have also participated in the area of concept, design, direction, and more. Their involvement has doubled the excitement among the fans, and it will be crystal clear once the album comes out.

The upcoming album consists of eight songs, including their previous single ‘Dynamite.’ Also, it is believed that their upcoming single ‘Life Goes On’ will be the opener on the album, whereas ‘Dynamite’ will close out it.

The tracklist for BE (Deluxe Edition) is as follows:

“Life Goes On”

“Fly To My Room”

“Blue & Grey”






Earlier, the youngest, Jungkook, revealed that he served as the director for some moments on the video. Also, Jimin said that the upcoming music video is the roughest video they have ever shot. Just a day ago, Jimin interacted with fans on Vlive and shared his experience while working as the project manager on BE. The singer said that he would write the lyrics and melody for songs; Some made it, and some were rejected. But, he is happy that the other members appreciated his work.

Later, Jimin told the fans that as a Project Manager, he was supposed to act as a bridge between the agency and the members. He said that he would coordinate with every member regarding their style and chosen themes. And then discuss it with the agency to get their feedback.

He winded up the live session by hoping that the Armys would love their new album.

BTS: New Album, New Message

Is it even a BTS album/song if it doesn’t convey any message or makes us feel better? No. Besides their beautiful vocals and stunning choreographies, BTS is widely famous for their heart touching lyrics and the messages they represent.

BTS BE Deluxe Edition

The recent story from BTS states that even in the time of this new normality, our life goes on. The band is talking about the pandemic we are currently facing. The seven members have also expressed their sadness over not meeting their fans due to the coronavirus. So, they want to help and ease the pain with the help of their new album.

BTS debuted in 2013 and is a seven-member group. The group consists of RM/Kim Nam Joon, leader; Kim Seok Jin; Suga (Min Yoon Gi); J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok); Park Ji Min; V (Kim Tae Hyung); and Jeon Jungkook.