BTS Releases Their Much Anticipated Album ‘BE’ And The MV Of ‘Life Goes On’


South Korean boyband BTS have dropped their album ‘BE’ today. And, it’s no surprise that the fans have already taken over social media to express their love for it. Moreover, the band also released the music video for their song, ‘Life Goes On.’ The MV has already surpassed 30 million views in just 8 hours, and the number will continue to grow, considering how BTS likes breaking their own records.

Life Goes On is probably one of the BTS’s most emotional songs. The song is special as it tells people to move forward despite everything happening currently. The song is more special as Jungkook himself has directed the music video. Also, the other members have worked on the album too, so it is obviously special.


The youngest member of the septet, Jungkook is also named the Sexiest Internation Man alive in the People Magazine. I mean, seriously, what is it these boys can’t do.

BE (Deluxe Edition)

Amid the ongoing pandemic, the album tracks deliver hope, happiness, and the love of BTS for their fans. The new MV displays the seven members living like normal people in their dorm without their concerts and fans and daily events. We see them together singing about how things have changed. Also, how they will get better eventually. In a scene, we also see V (Kim Tae Hyung) driving in a car and looking at a stadium with thousands of emotions playing on his face.

Earlier RM described ‘Life Goes On’ and said that the fans could easily understand from the title what the song is about. He is also told that it is the core of their message that Life goes on, no matter what. Jimin added and said that their goal with music on ‘BE’ is to provide comfort to people worldwide.


Now that the album is finally out with its eight beautiful and rocking tracks, we can easily say that it’s the most BTS-Esque thing ever. Dynamite from BE, which came out in August, is already ruling charts and people’s hearts with its retro and funky aura. Songs like ‘Life Goes On,’ ‘ Blue & Grey,’ and ‘Fly To My room‘ are more emotional and soothing; Whereas ‘Telepathy,’ ‘Dynamite,’ ‘Stay,’ ‘Dis-ease,’ and ‘Skit‘ will make you groove to the tunes.

BTS never forget their fans, and they deeply expressed the grief of not meeting them in the track, Telepathy. The eldest, Jin, said, “The song is about how we’re happiest when we’re with our fans, and that although we’re physically apart now, we’re in fact always together.”

Fans (ARMYS) Love 

The Army never fails to reciprocate the love they receive from BTS. After the album release, Armys took over social media and filled it with its love for BE. ‘I’M CRYING’ is currently trending on Twitter.

Among thousands of comments, a user wrote that this (MV) is the best thing that happened this year. Another one joined and commented that their (BTS) music saved him so many times, and it is continuing to do so.

You can enjoy the new MV down below: