BTS Dynamite Breaks Another Youtube Record

More than 10M views in just 2hours with their vibrant and Disco-Pop new single - 'Dynamite'

BTS Dynamite

Change is good. And, BTS has proved it. BTS Dynamite is finally out. The vibrant colors and the mood-lifting lyrics and aura of the song are amazing. Dynamite is the first song, BTS has fully sung in English, and they have done an amazing job. The MV for Dynamite came out just a few hours ago, and it is already breaking all the records. Indeed, only BTS could do it. Dynamite broke the record of BlackPink’s recent ‘highest views for a Youtube premiere,’ which drew 1.65 million concurrent viewers. As for BTS, Dynamite MV attracted 3 million viewers at the time of the premiere. And, is still continuing to hike views on the Youtube views meter.

Dynamite was highly anticipated, and Armys from all around the world were crazily waiting for the song. Well, now that the song is out, the fans can’t keep their excitement and are already grooving to the music. The song’s cool and high-spirited music video just wiped out the record for the biggest premiere in Youtube history. BTS is definitely lighting up the world like a Dynamite.

BTS Dynamite


BTS Dynamite – Thoughts On Their First English Single

BTS recently released their album Map Of The Soul:7, which majorly described a dark phase the members went through in their lives. However, Dynamite is the exact opposite. The lyrics of the song are cheerful and will instantly drive you to a party mood. The lyrics are confident and will immediately make you wanna dance all night.

BTS Dynamite

“Cause ah, ah, I’m in the stars tonight,
So watch me bring the fire and set the night alight.
Shining through the city with a little funk and soul
So I’ ma light it up like dynamite, Woah.”

Dynamite includes songwriters David Stewart and Jessica Agombar as the creative contributors to the song. BTS also explained why they chose to record the new song in English as it is exactly the type of vibe they wanted to convey to their fans. Member and Rapper of BTS, J-hope said that he felt the direction he wanted to go and also like the lyrics. Fellow rapper, Suga also commented on the song and said it is to uplift and encourage people amidst the COVID.  The members also said that they felt amazing while recording the track and they wanted to share this feeling with people.

The High-Spirited MV For Dynamite

The MV featured all the members of the band looking jolly and bright while being dressed up in beautiful pastel colors, which complimented the vibe of the song. The members also recreated some amazing retro dance moves and paid tribute to the disco era of the 70s and 80s.

The vocalists of the band got a chance to flaunt their beautiful voice with soaring falsettos and beautiful key-changes.