BTS Becomes The First Band From Korea To Receive A Grammy Nomination

BTS Grammy

The South Korean septet have achieved another goal proving that they can achieve anything they set their eyes on. BTS has become the K-Pop band to receive a Grammy nomination for Best duo/Group. The news surfaced last night, and ever since, it has been breaking news in South Korea. BTS has broken many records, but Grammy was always on the top of their list. And finally, the boys are living their dream. A cute video was also posted on Twitter by BTS showing their cute reaction after hearing the news.

BTS Grammy

BTS just launched their highly anticipated album ‘BE,’ which also features their mega-hit track, Dynamite. Dynamite was released in August, and it spread its magic all over the globe in seconds. Dynamite was also the band’s first-ever all-English single, proving that they are a global sensation for a reason. BTS are nominated for their song ‘Dynamite’, which adds another victory to the song’s huge list. Moreover, Dynamite holds the record of the highest views on an MV in 24 hours with a whopping 101 million views.

Grammy And The Excitement

Saying that the boys were on cloud nine will be an understatement. After the announcement was made, BTS made sure to share their happiness with their Army. We can see Jung Kook, V (Tae Hyung), RM (Nam Joon), and Park Jimin seated on a couch and listening to the announcements in the video. All the four of them had their eyes stuck on the screen, and the moment ‘Dynamite’ appeared on screen, they begin to shout and jump in excitement. Well, only Jung Kook, Nam Joon, and Jimin were the ones who were expressing their true self. However, V sat in the corner with a mischievous yet calm look. But we know deep inside he was thrilled as well.

Only 4 out of the seven members were present in the video as Suga is still recovering from his shoulder surgery; Whereas, J-hope revealed that he was sleeping at the time. We don’t know where Jin was, but we think he was enjoying his sleep too.

BTS are competing against artists Justin Beiber/ Quavo, Lady Gaga/ Arian Grande, Dua Lipa/ J Balvin, Bad Bunny/Tainy, and Taylor Swift/ Bon Iver. 

BTS’ Message To The Fans 

After the event, the group appeared on ‘The Late Late Show With James Corden.’ During the virtual interview, the boys expressed all of their thoughts and also thanked the Army. Unfortunately, Suga wasn’t there, but the boys did not forget to mention him. Jungkook mentioned him and told the audience that Suga is doing well.

Rapper J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok) said that he was sleeping while the others were enjoying the news. He also said that when he woke up the next day, he got emotional and began to cry. Following him, V (Tae Hyung) told how Suga (Yoongi) was mad at himself for sleeping the other day.

RM later talked about what this nomination means to the band. He said that it a huge step in their career, and he knows that the Army will be very proud of them. RM also said that he thinks their hard work has finally paid off, and it will be an honor if they win the award.

In the end, Jin spoke and said thanks to the Army. He said that it’s because of the Army that they are able to make music and achieve everything.