Boruto Chapter 53 – A Cruel Turn Of Events Leaves Fans Shocked

Boruto Chapter 53

For hardcore Naruto fans, the transition from Naruto to Boruto has definitely been somewhat of a challenge, and chapter 53 was a grim reminder of the reason why. It’s a well-known fact that Naruto and Sasuke, and many of the previously loved characters will no longer be taking center stage. Based on what was provided to us in chapter 1 of Boruto manga, we know that Naruto and Sasuke will meet their end in some way or another. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that it will happen right away, but it will happen sooner or later; with that being said, Boruto chapter 53 left me in absolute shock and confusion. So let’s quickly start with a chapter recap to bring you up to speed about what is happening right now in the story.

Boruto Chapter 53: Recap

So the latest chapter begins with Isshiki teleporting Kawaki to him while standing on top of Naruto, who uses his new form, and Sasuke is watching in surprise. Isshiki then claims that he has about five more minutes to live and needs to make Kawaki his vessel by planting karma in him, to which Kawaki coolly replies by saying that all he needs to do is run around for five more minutes and everything will be over.

Naruto tells Kawaki to run but is knocked out by Isshiki; luckily, Kawaki had already started running away from them. Isshiki pops up in front of kawaki and gets a hold of him, but Sasuke uses his rinnegan to switch places with Kawaki. He then tells Kawaki to use the special smoke bomb to get away; this special smoke bomb even prevents the use of ocular powers with the help of a certain mineral. Enraged by his inability to capture Kawaki and constant interferences, Isshiki lets out a scream of anger and lunges at Naruto, who is still down for the count. Isshiki then threatens to rip Naruto’s heart out if Kawaki doesn’t show himself in 20 seconds.

Boruto Chapter 53

We always knew that Kawaki really looked up to Naruto, but we didn’t know the extent to which Kawaki admired Naruto. This was perfectly made clear when Kawaki shows himself and gets caught by Isshiki. Kawaki claims that he’d rather be dead than live in a world without Naruto, showing how much of a deep impact Naruto left on him. Isshiki then plants the karma onto Kawaki and starts laughing like a mad man. However, his celebration was cut short when it’s revealed that it was actually a shadow clone and not the real Kawaki.

What followed after the defeat of Isshiki was something none of the fans were ready for. Just when everything seems to have ended, Boruto leaps into the sky and, with a kunai, stabs Sasuke’s rinnegan eye. Boruto seems to be under the control of Momoshiki, who tells them that he wasn’t expecting them to defeat Isshiki, but it was something that turned out to be in his favor.

What will happen In The Next Chapter?

Boruto Chapter 54 has been announced to release on the 20th of January 2021 and will definitely be a must-read for all Naruto and Boruto fans alike. Based on what I have interpreted so far, I think that with Sasuke’s eye being stabbed and basically making them unable to leave from that dimension, this might actually be the end of the road of Sasuke and Naruto. The following few chapters will probably be an all-out battle between Kawaki and Boruto, at the end of which Sasuke and Naruto will meet their end.

Now the theory mentioned above is nothing but mere speculation and could quite possibly be the furthest from the actual story. However, I do think that the next chapter will be a crucial one for the story.

Where Can You Read The Boruto Manga?

For those interested in reading the Boruto manga series and don’t exactly know where to read, don’t worry cause I know just the place. The Shonen Jump App is available on both the Play Store and the App Store or the Official website of Viz; both places are perfect for reading Shonen Manga at extremely cheap rates.

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