Blood Of Zeus Season 2 – What to expect from season 2?

Blood Of Zeus Season 2

Ever since the end of Blood Of Zeus Season 1 came to an end, the fans have been anticipating the news for Season 2. Blood Of Zeus has caught the interest of many fans across the world with its Greek Mythology themed storyline along with its stunning visuals. The series is available for viewing on Netflix, for those who haven’t checked it out yet. In this article, we’ll be looking at the Release Schedule of Blood Of Zeus Season 2 along with other Announcements.

Created by the Parlapanides Brothers, Charley and Vlas, the show’s first episode premiered on the 27th of October 2020. The series is being handled by Powerhouse Animation, the same Animation Studio, which has created Castlevania.

Plot Overview | Blood Of Zeus

The story is set in Ancient Greek, where Demigods and Mythical creatures roamed the Earth. As the series’ name suggests, the plot will be revolving around a child of Zeus named Heron and his journey to be accepted into Mount Olympus. Like all previous Demigods, for Heron to be allowed into Mount Olympus, he needs to do extremely heroic tasks like saving the Heavens and Earth itself. We watch Zeus’s son take up the challenge and decides to save the world with his own power.

Blood Of Zeus Season 2

About The Announcements | Blood Of Zeus Season 2

Blood Of Zeus Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed as of yet but based on the buzz around it and the way Season 1 concluded; we can expect a Season 2 renewal sooner or later. With the Powerhouse Animation Studio having their hands tied with the upcoming Castlevania Season 4, we can safely assume that the Blood Of Zeus Season 2 will not be coming anytime soon. The projected Release Schedule, based solely on the upcoming release dates of the corresponding Series, is somewhere around late 2021 and early 2022.

Future Predictions | Blood Of Zeus Season 2

Season 1 ended with the shocking death of the Goddess Hera during the war against the Giants and based on the way the story is going, we can assume that Zeus, too, has perished. Although many expect them to be brought back as they are an integral part of Greek Mythology, their absence at the moment is bound to cause a power struggle. The show ended with Hades’ introduction as the new antagonist, and Season 2 will most likely feature an epic battle between the Son of Zeus and the King of the Underworld.

Season 2 will also probably contain a journey to bring back Hera and Zeus as they will be Key pieces in the fight against Hades. Of course, all of this is mere speculations, and once more concrete information is released, it will be updated here.

The Cast Involved In Season 1 Includes:

Dereck Phillips

He played the character of Heron, the son of Zeus, and the protagonist of the story.

Jason O’ Mara

He voiced the Character of Zeus, the God of Thunder and King of Mount Olympus.

Claudia Christian

She voiced the character of Hera, the Wife of Zeus, and The Queen of Mount Olympus.

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